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Winter blues

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Feb. 9th, 2017 | 08:13 pm
mood: boredbored

Today, it blizzard into where I live. Yucky weather, hence my profile picture displaying that. Oh well.

I wound up today, reading a book themed romance involving Scotland, an anthology. I read like five stories or one hundred and thirty five pages, till I had to take a break, to do other things. Ugh.

Baby cute kitten wound up onto my lap, and proceeded to fall asleep, for awhile. Mostly while I was reading a book, like I said I was. I was just bored of the TV, hence I book reading like nuts. Ugh again.

Also want to whine, that one day after my sick night of voice attacking me, I wound up sick with the voice picking onto me all damn day. Ugh, I had to stay home and concentrate onto the computer, the TV and whatever I could do to avoid the paranoia aggravated. Yuck.

I think I forced myself to view Ellen's Show, despite creep out with the voice picking onto me, and aggravating my paranoia. Ugh, it wasn't easy viewing Ellen's show with the paranoia off, including the voice blaring too much. Ugh. I forced myself to concentrate onto the TV that night, despite skipping regular programs. It sucked big time to miss regular shows and focus onto the HGTV channel than any other channels. Ugh, really the pits!

Also I sort of been viewing Supergirl but that TV show's been showing stuff, I'm not entirely sure of what's going on with that show. Ugh. Mostly making one character, a lesbian despite me thinking, she's straight. I don't get it why's their adding gays and lesbians, in that show. I think their trying to appeal to gays and lesbians, hence that. I don't know if that's a good idea or not. Oh well.

Anyway I got nothing against gays and lesbians, I do know some people who are like that, that are nice people.

Also I don't know if this Supergirl show should add romance into it involving straights, gays and lesbians or they should focus onto science fiction fantasy instead. I think they should focus less on romances between characters and focus onto science fiction fantasy stuff instead. Just don't like that romance theme in Supergirl very much. I prefer more on science fiction fantasy stuff, than stuff involving romances. Just not what I had in mind. Ugh.

Hence I'm just struggling to enjoy watching Supergirl despite the romances themed into that show. It's putting me off from wanting to watch Supergirl. I'm just preferring more on science fiction fantasy than those romance themes, despite put off from wanting to view that show. Ugh again.

Also I'm meant to view Timeless, this time travel show but the late hour of ten o'clock isn't what I had in mind to TV watch. I don't care too much to view TV at ten o'clock, getting riled up around eleven o'clock and can't sleep.


Hence I prefer an earlier hour involving TV shows to be like eight o'clock, so I can calm down from investing my emotions onto the TV show, and just focus elsewhere, like computer or HGTV for an hour till ten o'clock, is when I go take my pill and prepare bed.

I'm just bored, with the NBC channel. They preempted my talk shows, with too much weather broadcasting crap. Ugh, how annoying!

Hence around five o'clock, I gave up onto the NBC channel, after an hour of watching it blare too much on this winter storm, and went to HGTV. I admit it I'm addicted to HGTV channel than any other channels on TV. I binge watch the HGTV channel at night, than any other channel. Ugh, Just don't focus too much onto TV nowadays. Oh well.

Mom says via phone "TV is boring."
She says that over and over, to the point, that I don't find much to do with watching TV, today. Hence I reading a book on Scotland romance reading one hundred and thirty five pages. That book had twenty stories in it, in an anthology, of scottish romance stories. So far I've found that book pretty good, enough to like the stories. Seems good!

Today the HGTV channel decided to marathon this TV series called Flip or Flop, all damn afternoon into this evening. How boring!

Also this more HGTV marathon Fixer Upper which I only saw an hour of that because I had to view the NBC news at eleven o'clock. Around eleven thirty, I went to HGTV fed up with the weather broadcasters' crap. I wound up discovering the HGTV channel at noon started this endless marathon of Flip or Flop instead of Fixer Upper. Really annoying!

I prefer Fixer Upper to any show on HGTV if I have to watch marathons of. I don't care for house hunting themed shows on HGTV if their marathoning that. I don't like those shows very much hence I'll do what I can to avoid watching that crap, including book reading, or just plain old bothering the cat with kisses and hugs fests.

I'm just bored, but tomorrow I'm aiming to get myself out of this residence into the snow, walking around. I figured that'll amuse me, than being bored to tears, with the TV, the books' reading and slobbering the cat with annoying kisses and hugs. Ugh.

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