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Terrible day today.

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Nov. 14th, 2016 | 07:18 pm
mood: aggravatedaggravated

Anyway I’ve managed to go vacuum the apartment including doing lots of dusting around here. It’s about time I vacuumed for poor kitty’s sake. Poor kitty’s got a bald spot on her back that’s from dust mites including from a lack of vacuuming. A pity to the kitty!

I vacuumed which kitty hid out of me annoying her with the vacuum cleaner. I guess she hates that noise of that thing. It sucks big time when I hate vacuuming around here because the thing causes kitty to hide and avoid me doing that chore. Poor kitty makes me think I’m hurting her when I’m not sure if that's the case. Also makes me think I should vacuum more often for kitty’s allergies.


I’ve meant to go dust in here including sorting some more books too. I’ve racked up a pile of books around here that I need to lower that amount I’ve got on hand. It sucks big time when the apartment is cluttered. Ugh again.

I spotted the baby cutie walking by. She’s cute when petted and snatched up for hugs. Aw what a cute kitten.

Today was marred by a voice attack that triggered my paranoia to go off bad. Ugh. I wound up walking to the school with the voice going off. I thought the voice going off involved me walking. Ugh again.

Voice always goes off giving me schizophrenic episodes of voice and paranoia from whenever I'm out walking around. I'm trying to work onto my walking exercises but I can't help being lazy because of the damned voice picking onto me and triggering my paranoia to go off the charts.

Anyway I wound up sick in the toilet at the school that caused the voice to continue to talk too much. Ugh triggering my paranoia to go off the charts. Yuck the voice has gotten involved while in the bathroom mostly doing number two. It's annoying when that happens!

I walked to McGrane’s to buy my traditional meal including soda since they were out of Snapple juice. I think I paid but I don’t remember doing it. Plus I brought along Shania Twain’s memoir book with me which I read while waiting for food. After food arrived I walked to school to meet Maureen.

Oh almost forgot my soda which the waitress had to come out running with that drink. Nice of her!

After that I went to Maureen’s office or her place of work at the Academic Skills Lab which I ate my lunch but not whole hearted. I only had the whole sandwich but parts of my fries. My appetite was lousy because of the voice’s attack including paranoia going off. Yuck.

I tried to read Shania Twain’s book but the voice kept bothering me so I whined that to Maureen. She let me go home. I wound up going home walking fast. I got home and realized that I forgot my cell phone. Ugh.

I considered calling dad to whine of that thing but I couldn’t find any pieces of paper with his phone number on it. Ugh again.

I against my better judgment walked to school even with the voice picking onto me again. My paranoia was off again too. I went to Maureen’s classroom to whine of my cell phone being missing. She told me she found that thing but left it in the Academic Skills Lab.

Ugh. I wound up leaving my bag and water bottle at her classroom which I walked to the Academic Skills Lab in another building even with the voice going off bothering me.


I walked to the school and considered the stairs but I opt to take the elevator. I got into the elevator and took that to the Academic Skills Lab. I found my cell phone on the desk where Maureen said it was.

I did have to write a note on a piece of paper on arrival to there asking for cell phone just for making my talk speech clear. They pointed out the cell phone which I checked and found it belonged to me. Yay me!

After that I walked back to Greenwoods’ where Maureen’s classroom was with my stuff. It was tempting to walk home with the voice going and paranoia off but I had to pick up my bag and water bottle including keys. I did that picking up.

Maureen showed me a cute cat video of a cat I found funny but I wasn’t in a laughing mood. Ugh. I wasn’t laughing because of the voice picking onto me at the time with my aggravated paranoia. Yuck.

I forced myself to walk home as a result as fast as I could. I walked fast despite really nervous by the voice’s wording and aggravating paranoia. Ugh the nerves didn’t stop me from getting home fast as I could. I got home and wound up onto the computer editing one story out of needing something to concentrate onto other than the inner noises of paranoia and voice’s talk. Ugh.

I usually take a shower once I’m home from walking but since the states in a drought I’m trying to conserve water. So I’m not showering much. Also I’m too scared to shower with the voice attacking me and aggravating my paranoia.

The showering hasn’t helped me when I get home from being out with a schizophrenic episode. Instead the showering has made me feel worse off like more paranoid something I don't like that at all. I don’t care too much to shower when I’m home from a schizophrenic episode. I just prefer to cool down by computer staring or reading a damn book instead. Just do.

I noticed when I get hot from out walking around I get the voice going including my paranoia going. Ugh really annoying when I'm trying to work onto my weight and avoid being two hundred pounds when I'm like thirty pounds away from that. Ugh.

I also get the voice going when I'm walking to the town library to either sit around or picking up books or donating books. Ugh. I find when I sit around at the town library I cool down and get relaxed enough to avoid the voice blaring again and same for paranoia.

But the walk home from town library is the pits. There's a big hill I have to walk to get to my home street. I sometimes take the lazy route which is longer and usually take that route via highway with sidewalks. The highway with sidewalks is that route that always gets the schizophrenic episodes triggered. Hence I hate walking home that highway route.

Ugh hence my terrible day forgetting my damn cell phone and having to get outside walking twice with the voice picking onto me. Really annoyingly aggravated!

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