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I'm just depressed...

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Oct. 1st, 2016 | 08:57 pm
mood: depresseddepressed

Today’s October. Well nice! Today’s October day I’ll mean that I’ll get my paycheck. I can’t wait anyway. At least I can go pay off some bills like my damn cell phone bill. They emailed me a reminder to pay. Ugh.

Also text emailed mom to text emails me but she’s ignoring me at the moment. Ugh must be really tired from staying up all night into the bathroom due to what’s she’s eaten for dinner. Poor mom! Aw.

Cutie cuddle bummed me last night into this morning. Aw cute of cute baby kitten to do that cuddling. I love that fur ball bunches. She’s so cute!

Speaking of the baby kitten she’s gone to hide somewhere. I’m not sure where other than suspecting her in my clothes’ closet again. She habitually hides in there for hours. Damn cat dumb cat dumb animal. I swear that fur ball is so annoying when she’s anti social.


I wound up on the phone with mom for a short time. Mom whined of her stomach still giving her grief including the food she ate for lunch and dinner yesterday. Poor mom! Aw.

Anyway after that phone call I tried to do something to amuse myself out of boredom with the TV. HGTV is airing “Flea Market Flip” marathon till like one o’clock is when they’ll go into something else for marathon again. Ugh boring.

Also I’ve mean to go read a damn book but I’m not in the mood this morning instead I’m more interested into typing stuff down. I was hoping for stories’ to be typed down but I’m just doing my damn thoughts instead. Ugh sucks big time when I can only do journaling when it comes to typing down stuff. Ugh again.

I went online and discovered that HGTV this weekend is showing afternoon programs I don’t care for. Such as “Love it or List it” today this afternoon then tomorrow is “House Hunters” Sunday afternoon. How boring! Ugh.

Also I’ve meant to go watch more HGTV this morning but I’m in a typing mood at the moment. I’m just preferred to type something down instead. Problem is I can’t seem to type my stories I’ve thought of down for stories. This sucks big time when I’m stuck with my thoughts as a result. Ugh.

Plus baby cute kitten has gone to my bed to snooze. She looks cute when she’s curled up in a ball on my bed. What a cute kitten aw! I love that little munchkin galore. She’s so cute!

I’m officially depressed mostly because I’m broke and dying to spend money off stuff online. This sucks big time when I have bills to pay and it makes me broke as heck. Ugh I know that the bank doesn’t do weekends or Sundays either. Ugh again hence i have to wait till Monday to see if my bills get paid so I can have some money left to spend online frivolous stuff.

I hate weekends because practically every store and town library is closed leaving me depressed and sad. Plus I spend too much money off internet stuff and wound up broke before the day is over after I get my bills paid. This sucks big time!

It sucks big time when I get depressed on weekends and spend too much money off stuff online. Sometimes I wound up getting overdrawn as a result. Sometimes I do that shitty spending out of depression. Ugh. I just hate weekends because they depresses me. I don’t care for weekends. Yuck weekends!

Also baby cute kitten isn’t around to help my depressed mood. She’s busy hiding in a closet again involving snoozing and avoiding me slobbering her with kisses and hugs. Dumb cat dumb animal or smart kitty to do that avoidance ugh.

I’m really depressed today. I just can’t shake my sad mood. This sucks. This is terrible big time.

Also I keep on hoping to spend money off stuff online but I don’t have to spare despite paying my bills. This further depresses me when I don’t have much money left into my bank account. Ugh.

I’m further depressed on the fact that I don’t have much money to spend or that if I spend money I don’t have I’ll get further depressed. The depression isn’t what I had in mind today.

Ugh again.

Plus Maureen isn’t online Facebook like I hoped she would for a chat. She’s been ignoring Facebook for hours so far. This ignorance depresses me as a result and makes me sad. Ugh kind of wonder what’s Maureen found so important today to bother being online? This sucks when she’s not online much today. Oh well.

I could have text emailed Janet about my depression mood but I don’t know what to say to her about my mood. The lack of chatting to Janet isn’t what I had in mind. Ugh I don’t know why’s I couldn’t tell Janet that I’m depressed on the weekends.

Oh this stink big time!

Barnes and Noble are running a promotion of teens’ books buy two get third free. I’ve saved three books onto my saved list to purchase once I’ve gotten the money for the books. I figured I’ll just wait till Monday to bother to spend money I don’t have now.

Ugh hate this waiting for money. It sucks.

Oh mom’s on vacation this week but today’s her last day of vacation. Yay her! At least she can go back to work and I can stop being pestered to phone her every damn morning and evening. Ugh this pesky phoning is the pits anyway. It means I have to get up early in the morning and text email mom then sit around waiting forever for a fucking text email reply for phoning.

Ugh really annoying too at night. I have to sit around friends with my damn cell phone at night waiting forever for word from mom. She’s terrible with her text emailing me like I expected her to do. She mostly stalls on that text emailing at night by giving me excuses when she’s on the phone. She’s so rude!

I’ve meant to go text email dad some silly request but I don’t know what to say to him. This lack of saying anything to dad isn’t what I had in mind. Ugh. All I can say to dad is that I’m depressed today but he won’t be much help in that department. Mostly he’ll reply with a sarcastic comment making me further sad as a result. He’s terrible big time when he replies to my text emails.


So I might as well wait till later is when I'm sure all my bills are cleared before I frivolously spend money. I think I might have to wait later than Monday for that frivolous spending of stuff that I want online. It sucks big time when I got bills. Ugh!

I hate being depressed. Ugh.

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