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An Elephant and a donkey.

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Sep. 27th, 2016 | 11:20 am
mood: sarcastic

Ugh I’ve got a week till next week’s Monday is when I’ll get my monthly deposit to pay for some bills including buying some stuff. This sucks big time when I’m broke. Ugh don’t like that shitty brokenness at the moment. Ugh.

Also stayed up till like eleven o’clock talking to Maureen via cell phone in Facebook. Maureen ended chat around that time for bed. I wound up just going to bed myself.

I slept like a log actually. I think I was really tired or sore from all that walking yesterday that I slept soundly. It was nice to have the cutest cat cuddling me. Aw baby cute kitten had a grooming season then after that curled up next to me and slept. Love my cute baby kitten bunches. Aw.

Also I had a weird dream involving me going to the porch door and opening the sliding door but leaving the screen in place to have a conversation with someone. I wound up having a hallucination of someone in an office I was talking to via desk instead of standing onto my porch.

Ugh also I wound up writing some notes via post it notes to stick to the sliding door. Then once that talk was over I realized it was a hallucination and went to sit down TV watching.

I wound up sitting via pappasan chair and having myself watch TV in my bedroom on my bookcase watching something then I got cold and went into my living room to further TV watch some more. I’m not entirely sure of what’s the point of that dream anyway. Ugh.

Plus the position of the TV in my bedroom isn’t proper for cable service to hit, mom text.

I wound up opening windows during mom’s mumble fest and talking too fast according to the operator. Mom insisted I view tonight’s debate between Donald the donkey and hilly Hillary both candidates. I still don’t care for either one of them. Yuck.

I called Donald Trump a donkey who brays nothing but hot air and a terrible windbag to mom via phone. Mom scolded me for being not nice to people and that calling people names was not nice but rude. Ugh really annoying!

Ooh I’ve been sick in the bathroom with diarrhea and number two that’s gotten the voice going with its annoying chanting. Ugh not entirely sure if yesterday’s food is reason’s why’s I’m sick today. This sucks big time.

Also auntie Sandy hangs around health care personal so she could have passed onto me some damned sickness. I don’t know if the sicknesses was that or the food prepared at the big E was reason why’s I’m sick today. Ugh this stinks.

I went to the big e yesterday with Auntie Sandy driving. I wound up bringing a book by Victoria Beckham with me into my purse. The big e was fine as far as I know of but it was way too crowded for my standards.

Plus I suffered a voice attack that triggered my paranoia too much. The crowds bothered my paranoia enough to make me want to have a screaming fit in response to that inner noise’s problem. I was tempted to scream a few times in response to mom’s stalling on leaving with the auntie. Ugh.

I wound up reading more of Beckham’s book in the car ride to home. At home I went onto the computer and edited this story out of needing to do something to get my mind off the inner noises and paranoia. I think the pill I took at four fifty in afternoon helped or kicked in that I quit being paranoid by the voice. Well nice!

I wound up eating dinner including piglet eating pretzels. This sucks big time when that salt of that food is bound to make my tinnitus noisy tonight. Ugh really annoying!

Also baby cute kitten came out of hiding at the moment and got snatched up for a nice hug and kisses. She tolerated that fine but was squirmy in my arms. I guess that the baby cat wasn’t in the mood for a hug fest or kisses fest. Poor cute baby kitten!

I’ve meant to go text email people but I don’t know what to say to whoever cares to listen to me and my text emailing whining of my life. This sucks!

I’ve been trying to reach mom via phone tonight but she’s ignoring me and balking text emailing me like I expected her to do. She’s so rude crude Gertrude!


Not happy with miss phone ignorance involving the damn fucking phone ignorance games onto me tonight. Not happy with her at the moment. Feel like swearing profanities till I’m blue in the face onto her answering machine. But the fucking operator will hang up the phone and balk leaving my fucking profanity laced message. Fuck the operator fuck mom!

Also I had salty foods for dinner so I’m bound to have loud tinnitus as a result enough to bother me hence I’m on the computer fooling around. I’m just trying to do story’s talk or type some damn story but I’m never in the mood for that shitty typing. I’m usually in the mood for typing my damn thoughts down. Ugh. This sucks big time when my thoughts is all I can type down and that’s about it.

Argh! I prefer to type a story down instead of something involving my own thoughts. This sucks big time when I can’t type much stories down like I hoped. That included finishing some stories or making them longer despite making short stories already. Ugh. This is terrible big time when I’m stuck with my own thoughts instead of stories. Oh well.

Baby cute kitten has gone to snooze underneath the desk. Cutie looks cute tummy sitting there with chin onto the floor. What a cute kitten! Love that little munchkin bunches.

I aimed to at seven o’clock ring mom up to whine of her damn phone ignorance behavior onto me tonight. She’s so rude when she’s playing phone ignorance games onto me tonight. I don’t appreciate that shitty behavior anyway. Ugh.

I phoned mom around seven o’clock at the moment she text emailed me. Ugh! I was on the phone for over an hour almost ninety minutes. Ugh again.

Also tonight is a damn debate between hilly Hillary and Donald the donkey. I don’t know if I should bother watching either one of them insult each other. It sucks.

Plus the schizophrenia has been blaring Donald the donkey as the winner of that presidential title contest. Ugh hasn’t been wrong on that before when it comes to contests I’ve seen on TV. The schizophrenia has been blaring the results of contests multiple times enough to annoy me and annoy me of not watching any of those contests. This sucks big time.

It’s like the schizophrenia blaring the results of the men’s team final in gymnastics. The schizophrenia kept on blaring the results of first and second places over and over. Ugh annoying me to no end and annoyed me too much to be stressed out as a result. Yuck.

Lucky me the USA men’s team placed fifth which is always the lucky spot for the USA women’s team. Whenever the USA men’s team placed fifth in Olympics the USA women’s team always won gold the next day in women’s gymnastics team final.

The men’s fifth place placing is sort of like a good luck charm I’m not going to have it break. I’m hoping this good luck charm will continue into the Tokyo Olympics. Seems nice!

Baby cute kitten has gone to snooze on top of my bed at the moment. Cutie looks cute curled up in a ball on my bed. What a cute kitten! I love that little munchkin galore. She’s so cute aw!

Tonight’s the debate between hilly Hillary and Donald the donkey. Ugh I’m not sure if I should bother watching that shitty debate but I think I should have the TV onto that debate’s channel and type my thoughts down onto the computer out of boredom. It sucks.

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