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Feb. 5th, 2017 | 08:56 am
mood: sicksick

Ugh I've been sick with a cold that's been aggravating me. I thought I managed to shake that cold last month but now its back with vengeance. Ugh.

Also the voice was picky onto me while I was sick with a cold. I wound up spending one night up for hours typing onto the computer editing one story out of nervousness of the voice picking onto me. My paranoia was aggravated at the time hence I onto the computer typing as a result. Ugh really annoying!

I find when I'm sick with the voice picking onto me and paranoia aggravated I type onto the computer or focus onto the computer for awhile. Mostly till I can go watch TV or read a book.


I've meant to go read a book but I haven't been in the mood since the voice has been picking onto me while I was sick with a cold. I haven't been sure if I'm really sick with a cold or I've got a virus. Ugh. This sickness sucks big time.

Oh well plus I wound up with a few nights of staying up for hours editing one story because of the voice attacking me. Ugh.

I couldn't sleep with the inner noises and the paranoia going off. Yuck. I gave up sleeping whenever I'm picked onto by the voice. I tried to sleep a few times during this bad attack but I couldn't sleep as a result. Ugh. Not happy about that at all.

Also I noticed that I have to watch what I'm eating because I find that when I'm sick with the bathroom the voice gets picky onto me. Yuck. Like one case of me sick in the bathroom one night and the voice was attacking me triggering my paranoia off. I'm not entirely sure of when that attack blew off. The attack isn't what I had in mind. Yuck.

Baby cute kitten tried to comfort me suffering from that attack. I think she rubbed herself against my legs multiple times but that was it. She even snoozed on the couch with me typing onto the computer multiple times suffering from the voice. Ugh. Poor Kitty poor me!

I hate being sick.

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