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Nov. 6th, 2016 | 05:43 pm
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Brandis’ writings added here “I get this memory of a human female with different colored hair to a human female named Natalia's blonde looks. She’s appearing to be answering to the name of Daniela Constanta in my mind further when trying to remember more of Natalia.”

Daniela hears from her father a Human male named Dan “The Humans have demanded to the Felidaes' main ruler a demand.”
The Felidaes’ ruler is always dubbed by the titled name of Sheik in the island nation dubbed United States of America among the natives secretly and not among other island nations' natives.
“The demand to Sheik is to grants the Humans a request on allowing them to pick a leader and have the leader have a titled position.” says her father.
Daniela gets an idea while practicing gymnastics in the gym with the other females to issue an oath for Sheik to grant the Humans their request tells the coach “I’m pleading with begging to put me on the team to compete on the World Championships team competing in Prussia!”
Coach Jamali spoke “I relents to Daniela Constanta’s begging but I have to get Sheik's approval first. Daniela Constanta is to meet the Sheik to convince him on that agreement.”
She finds her idea working by meeting Sheik in his office with coach there.
She speaks the idea towards Sheik “I oath that the USA.” as the island nation's nickname “Will have an athlete represent the USA in the Terrania Unity Games in the sport of gymnastics. This oath is from hearing that any medal regardless of color won by an athlete who's team didn't make the final automatically has a spot for her nation to compete in the Terrania Unity Games in any individual event if they make the final at the Terrania Unity Games.”
She frowns as Sheik asks “I ask Daniela Constanta what her wish will be if she is the one who does this medal winning?”
She speaks “Sheik to grant the Humans a leadership position.”
Sheik points a finger and says “The medal winning for the USA to have a spot in the Terrania Unity Games in the sport of gymnastics must come from Daniela Constanta to grant the Humans their requests. I ask for her name as fully said via birth.”
She says “The birth name is Natalia Mahalia.”
She finds Sheik repeating her name “Natalia Mahalia.” then the ruler says “The Humans' leader will be known by the titled name of Daniela period.”
She verbalizes “I agree to that titled name.” while hearing a growl sound from her Felidae coach sounding to her “You’re to agree and not protest to Sheik's words.”

“‘Natalia Mahalia’ is a name I figured is the name of the soul assigned to be Natalia Borsova then later Daniela Constanta. Hence I was receiving the odd recordings of her repeatedly with different names and different colored appearances of hair but same facial appearances.”

Daniela competes in Prussia wearing the USA's colors of sunset with her team while wearing an armband of Oceana's seal attached to her sleeve of her leotard.
The Prussia nation's ruler and leader Tsarina spoke via announcement at the previous world championships “I ordered to all nations having Humans competing in Prussian hosted sporting events for the World Championships must wear an armband of Oceana's seal on them. The seal of Oceana is to show to Prussian natives that the Humans are here in Prussia to compete for a sporting event for their nation to have the right to compete in the Terrania Unity Games. Oceana is going to host the event. The seal means the Humans are free to compete on Prussia as athletes and cannot be taken as slaves by Prussians.”
She finds to her annoyance that her team doesn't make the team final due to only five teams can make it. The five who make the team final are allowed to compete in the Terrania Unity Games for teams.
She hears from coach Jamali “Daniela Constanta is competing in all around and three events vault, beam and floor exercise placing the highest of her teammates on those events. The gymnastics federation said only two per nation can compete in individual events. She actually qualified on the floor exercise in third place behind two Prussians. The two per country rule allows her to compete in the beam and vault while another teammate competes in High Bar. I finds that Americans didn't make the two bar event our weakest event.”
Daniela competes in the all around finding that the two per country rule has given a limit amount of line up for athletes and that their all competing in order of qualification in the same event with her last in the ranking order.
She finds herself thinking “I’m determined to win a medal for the Americans!”
She does the Borsova vault due to practicing repeatedly and finds herself sticking the landing perfectly to score a nineteen. Daniela competes on two bars her weakest event finding herself scoring a fifteen then competes in High Bar a Felidae dominated event for mostly winning world titles in it in gymnastics and sticks the landing to get a nineteen. She does the Beam as well as she can to score a seventeen then does the Floor Exercise scoring an eighteen signaling the end of the all around to look at the score board and finds herself in bronze medal position.
Daniela hears from her coach Jamali “Daniela Constanta kept her oath to Sheik who will grant the Humans their request by the medal won!” she feels herself happy hearing. Daniela on the medal stand for bronze which the all around was won by a Prussian a Human female named Natalia Ivankova and the silver medalist a Human from Americania named Dominica Wasilla.
She gets her medal awarded by Sheik himself who grips her shoulders in some gentle move which is Felidae speak “I'm proud.”
She finds herself crying as the Prussian flag raises with the Americanian flag and her own nation flag raises.

Daniela competes in vault finding herself placed third but not granted the medal a tie for silver by two Kenibians.
The gymnastics federation's head judge a Highlander from Shonsurra monitoring the event “I rule at the beginning of the final that if there were ties that the qualification score will determine the medal win.”
She finds herself placed fourth as a Kenibian representing Americania wins the vault title. Daniela watches as her teammate Jana Janeiro places fourth in High Bar behind an Americanian she hears “I heard her name is as named Janeira Timis.” winning the event and two Ranians taking silver and bronze.
She finds herself winning the bronze in the balance beam won by an Americanian the silver medalist in the all around named Dominica Wasilla.
She overhears from two Prussians talking “Dominica is a descendant of the Kenibian pair with the last name of Wasilla who raised a former president of Americania dubbed Daheara. After Daheara won gold for Kenibia at a Terrania Unity Games event her parent raisers went to Americania and pushed their female descendants towards competing for Americania in gymnastics. The view was passed down to other family members with males taking up the coaching position.”
She competes on the floor exercise competing last and finds herself the winner by a perfect score of a twenty flashing. Daniela finds herself the first of her nation to win that event. She finds that Dominica wins the silver and the all around winner Natalia wins the bronze. Sheik awards her the gold medal and she cries hearing the music for the USA heard along with her flag seen including the flags of silver and bronze medalists. This flag raising ceremony was traditionally done since Oceana hosted the Terrania Unity Games underneath a former ruler named Emperor Pavel Palin. Daniela after the Worlds is over on the way to the USA via plane gets a growth spurt making her full grown.
She gets told by Jamali “Your career as an athlete is over by your age and size makes it impossible for you to compete in gymnastics as part of the rules by the gymnastics federation.”
She doesn't complain about it but wonders “What the USA's natives will say about my medal wins? My wins were part of an oath for Sheik to grant the Humans a leadership position using my name Daniela as the title for the Humans' leader to have.”
Daniela finds her worries are for nothing when she gets to USA finds a hero's welcome by the Felidae there along with the Human slaves allowed to attend to her homecoming. She's given some clothing to get out of her leotard and jumpsuit finding that their Felidae female styled clothing for leadership but doesn't complain about it and goes to Sheik's palace.
Daniela find him “I’m announcing.” to the crowd via microphone gathered below the balcony “I has granted the Humans' requested demand which is a leadership position with titled name of Daniela. I names the Human Daniela Constanta.” she hears is herself by saying “Daniela Constanta has kept an oath to the Sheik myself by giving the USA a position in the Terrania Unity Games in the sport of gymnastics. I name her by giving her the name of January with last name Constanta as the first Human to hold the Daniela titled leadership position. The position will be handed down to Humans in her family line including other family lines if her family line doesn't produce a Human.”
She doesn't complain to the first name change due to that the name of January is a sacred female name among Felidaes and given to females by the Sheik if they hold leadership positions’ in the ruler ship in the USA. The females who have turn out to do honorable actions towards the USA while holding the ruler ship position. She hears the crowd agree to Sheik's declaration as she is introduced to the people by Sheik gesturing her to come into sight and finds the crowd cheer loudly seeing her along with chanting the name of Constanta over and over.
She hears Sheik boom into the microphone as the crowd becomes quiet “The celebratory word for celebrations among the USA natives will be Constanta in honor of this Human for bringing honor to the USA! She being first Human to keep an oath said to Sheik!”
The crowd chants the name of “Constanta, Constanta!” over and over.
She doesn't find herself embarrassed by that. She eyes the crowd and finds herself drawn to a male Human with golden eyes staring at her not chanting. She slips away from Sheik him not protesting to that going out of the palace unstopped to find the staring Human male as if guided by an internal sense.
Daniela Constanta as referred historically and not by the January name finds herself the human male’s mate asks “What’s your name? What’s with your unusual eyes?”
She learns “My name is Mohan Lighter.” which she thinks “I'll take his last name when introducing herself to USA natives as Daniela Constanta Lighter.”
She learns from Mohan “I’m descendant of a Surrai dubbed Kazak from the golden eyes marking me that descendant like anyone descendant of Surrai regardless of species. The golden eyes have always omitted that hitting the Shadonia. Kazak's last name Lighter was added him took up the job of lighting cauldrons at the Terrania Unity Games no one willing to do that job. One of the family lines of descendants of Kazak living in Americania have taken up the job of lighting the cauldron with the eater flame. The eater flame always originating from an always lighted by eater small cauldron dubbed Memorial of Life. Memorial of Life has always appeared to have a permanent eater light and refusing to go out regardless of the weather. The cauldron is found outside the Terrania Unity Games stadium in the Americanian city of Atlanta sitting between a large box with Americanian wording indicating names. Their species or point of origins involving the names hasn't been figured out yet. There’s a raised statue of multiple humanoid males in the process of putting a flag pole up. The flag of Americania wound up later hung from there soon after a group of Americanians won the nation's first ever world title in any event. The flag put there was in honor of Georgina Visser for that victory as the Americanians' coach for coaching the team in question that won the title.”
“Her victory” according to Mohan as Daniela senses others nearby listening for a bit since she met Mohan “settled the debate on what flag and design to represent the nation of Americania. It was Georgina who started the tradition of having the flags of both silver and bronze medalists accompanied the gold medalists' flag in flag ceremonies. The ceremony was officially taken up by Americanians winning titles a tradition that is still continuing. The three flag ceremony wound up officially accepted by Oceana's ruler doing it to an Oceanan gold medalist in a stadium during Oceana hosting the Terrania Unity Games at the time. The ruler later once the ceremony was over ordered other nations to follow the flag ceremony. He declared that it'll be done for every single sporting event involving medals period which have been done since.”
She listens as Mohan adds “The cauldron lighters according to me after they get the specialized eater torch made from commission order of a former Empress of Oceana who was a Human. She requested the torch be used to carry eaters to various places including to light up cauldrons. She also requested the torch to have passed down that torch to use for when lit up travels in various ways to the nation hosting the Terrania Unity Games. There’s some miracle with the torch as always refusing to go out regardless of the travel or weather. The miracle involving the torch is it doesn't go out until it lights the cauldron is when the torch will go out period. I’m not sure why the torch has according to legend or miracle means always remained lighted regardless of the weather or traveling underwater and gone out whenever it lights up a cauldron in the nation hosting the Terrania Unity Games. “
She frowns as she asks Mohan “How Mohan Lighter wound up in the USA?”
Daniela uses Felidae speak for names and reference to people instead of saying you or your to hear from him “A Felidae dubbed Jimmy descendant of Kazak went to USA from some predicted self prophecy of a family member and a leadership position involved while in that nation. The Felidae in question wound up paired with another Felidae dubbed Una. Their family descendants have been living in the USA with Humans doing slavery work for Felidaes in government and island nation ruler ship positions. Una was the offspring of a Sheik” to her shock hearing that “The current Sheik knows of the family connection. He has given orders like his predecessors to the position too many times that any Human with golden eyes were to be used as slaves for Sheik and Felidaes in government positions only. The order was contained to only Sheik to have that honor for awhile till the other Felidaes in government positions got involved and insisted on having that done to them too. My predecessor family to myself and my family members wound up slaves. My family is currently slaves of various Felidaes in government positions including the Sheik himself. I’m currently a slave to the current Sheik who has been giving me the job to speak on the behalf of the Humans. The job’s to give him views on what the Humans think regarding situations happening around the USA. The job will now fell to January Constanta Lighter I names. The holding the Humans' leadership position is now to January Constanta now. I suspect that Sheik expects her to give the ruler views on Humans' thoughts regarding any situation happening to the island nation. That view includes involves the weather hitting regardless of how bad it causes damage or not. Including how the Humans are feeling if he hears of anything bad happening to the Human species while their in slavery to people. Including how they should be treated while slaves. This included what sort of judgment views the Human or Humans should get if any Human was found to do something inappropriate towards other Humans or other species is when punishment would be handed down by the Sheik ordering it.”
Daniela doesn't find herself protesting to Mohan's words who added “The usual punishment I have recommended towards Humans doing things inappropriate against other Humans or other species involves being whipped by a rope on their back. The whipping involved either a certain number or till they scream of pain or their back forms scars from the whipping. This happens regardless of how bad their behavior was which always varies on that punishment.”

“Notes on Natalia Mahalia, Human important to Terrania as said end here by Brandis the Record Keeper who doesn’t remember much else recorded involving this Natalia Mahalia. Brandis suspects the recording was for importance of Natalia Mahalia and nothing else than that soul in question.”

The end

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