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Aug. 15th, 2016 | 07:27 pm
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August Journal

8/1/16 Monday
Ugh it’s going to take till Wednesday is when I’ll get my monthly deposit. It sucks big time when the time is going to take forever before I get my monthly deposit. Ugh really annoying. Ugh.

Also baby cutie needs a vet appointment as made. I already made one for her for the fifteenth on that week’s Monday. Anyway baby cutie has been scratching herself all over the place including lots of grooming. Poor kitty I guess. Aw.

Mom assumes that the laundry detergent is making cutie allergies or something involving laundry’s dryer sheets. It sucks big time when I’m not sure of what’s going on with the furry cutie. Poor baby kitten. Aw.

Anyway I noticed some areas on my ankles that appear to be bug bites. I’m not sure what’s going on with those bugged bites. It sucks big time when I’m not sure if I’ve got a mosquito hanging around here or its bed bugs. Ugh don’t know which is which. It sucks.

Baby cutie is so cute when she tummy sits to TV watch her version of cat’s TV. She’s cute when she does that tummy sitting thing. What a baby cute kitten!

I wound up fed up with reading books today. I haven’t read an e-book or a paper book today. I did purchase a few e-books by Nora Roberts. Anyway that’s nice I guess.


Anyway I aim to read those Nora Roberts’ e-books when I get the chance to do it. Ugh just not tonight because I’m fed up with e-books tonight. This sucks big time when I’m fed up with e-books enough to not read anything tonight. Ugh sucks anyway.

I wound up text emailed by Maureen who text emailed me some photos of her cat Sable. Anyway I replied with some photos of my cat Sam. Cutie was fine posing for photos but I think she doesn’t like the flash of my cell phone. Poor cute baby kitten aw.

Speaking of the cute baby kitten she’s gone to sit on top of the armchair pleased with herself. She’s seems to like sitting on top of there especially tummy sitting too. She’s so cute when her tummy sits there. She makes it tempting to rub my hands onto her cute furry back including slobbering her with kisses on top of her cute furry head. What a cute kitten.

Baby kitten tolerated those head kisses like champ including sticking her tail up when I rubbed hands onto her back. She’s so cute when she’s tolerant. Aw cute!

Also I think the baby cat sort of tolerates those head kisses on top of her head fine but I think their not her favorite thing to get from me. She always lowers her head whenever I kiss the top of her head like she doesn’t like it. Poor kitty I guess I’ll just slobber her with kisses onto her snout. She’s tolerant of that.

Baby cute kitten’s gone to snooze on top of the armchair at the moment. She looks really relaxed while onto there. Aw cute I guess.

8/2/16 Tuesday
Ugh crashed around eleven thirty last night. I think I woke up due to bladder urge. It sucked big time when I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. Ugh terrible.

Also meant to go read a book today but I’m not so sure if I should bother. It’s terrible big time when I’m not sure if I should bother reading anything this morning. Ugh its early around six thirty but I have yet to get into the mood for a book. Oh well this stinks anyway.

I snatched the baby cute kitten up for a nice hug. She licked my nose then threw herself out of my arms. I guess she wasn’t in the mood for a cuddle. Poor kitty dumb me for assuming that cuddled bummed status from the cutie. Aw.

Speaking of the baby cat she’s sitting on the armchair. I think she spent the whole night snoozing on top of the armchair top because she was there this morning. I’m just assuming that the baby munchkin snoozed there the whole night. It’s a pity that the kitty likes to snooze wherever she can even when she’s cute.

Baby cat was cutely petted then snatched up for a nice hug. She licked my nose then insisted on being put down. Poor kitten. Aw I put her down which she wandered elsewhere. Poor baby cute kitten having to put up with that hugged status from me. Aw love that little fur ball galore. She’s so cute.

I’ve got the TV onto CBS’s local news. I don’t feel up to NBC’s local news this morning. I’ll watch that at eleven o’clock or so like clockwork. Ugh. Hence I’m stuck with watching CBS for awhile this morning till like ten o’clock is when I aim to go to NBC and view their Olympics’ fuss. Ugh.

Ugh the Olympics coming on Friday involving summer in Rio in Brazil. I used Brazil the site of a vampire stronghold in a story including the city of Rio but I invented some other stuff. It’s just my taste involving the country of Brazil and stuff. Oh well.

Plus the American Girl Doll company got into that Brazil theme of the Olympics by having a doll themed the rain forest and stuff like that. Ugh I know that Brazil influenced their doll and themed involving that toy. It’s just really weird that people are willing to do what they can involving themes with Brazil and capitalized onto the Olympics coming to Brazil. Cute idea I guess. Ugh.

Baby cute kitten has wandered elsewhere at the moment. Not sure where’s she went. Poor kitty must be annoyed with me involving petting and hugged status including slobbering kisses. Poor kitten.

The weather is going to rain hard today. Yuck but we Humans on earth need the damn rain. It sucks big time when today’s weather is raining like nuts. Don’t care too much for that shitty rain but its necessary to get water.

Ugh to rain.

Also I was hoping on traveling outside to walk somewhere like eating out but I doubt I would do that. Ugh also Dad expects me to feed his kitties at seven o’clock tonight. I’m not looking forwards to that cats’ feeding chore tonight even with the fucking rain. Yuck.

Ooh I also have a nurse’s visit today according to my calendar. Ugh have to stay home and entertain myself till nurse’s visit then after that’s done go out for a walk assuming the weather isn’t that much.

I haven’t been outside in awhile. I think not in two days have I’ve been outside. I do hope I can avoid the damn cabin fever I seem to have. Ugh. Also hoping I can wander around maybe redoes laundry for my clothes. I don’t know if I’ll get outside at all or not. Oh well.

Ugh I’m going to be glued to NBC for awhile once the Olympics start. I think the opening ceremonies are on Friday followed by the Olympics’ events. Nice I guess. Can’t wait to see the fuss involving the Olympics quit and focus onto the events. It’s annoying when NBC every five minutes mentions the Olympics. Ugh really annoying!

Ugh I have no idea if there’ll be a soap opera on NBC during the Olympics. I know that NBC at noon has a soap opera called “Days of our lives.” I have no idea if the Olympics will preempt that soap opera or not. Ugh sucks big time.

Also I know that the Olympics will preempt Ellen’s show as a result. Ugh means I won’t have any much to watch on NBC for awhile. Ugh this stink big time when the Olympics preempt talk shows and make people crazy for the games. Ooh not what I had in mind.

I’ve meant to go watch the Olympics’ sporting event involving gymnastics but I’m not so sure if I can view that without stressing myself out involving the results of the games. Ugh this is terrible big time when I stress myself out involving sporting events. Yuck anyway.

Also when it comes to the women’s team final in gymnastics I keep hearing the voice chant Russia as the winner. The voice’s been chanting that word in response to that country as the winner of the gold. It’s been chanting Japan as the women’s soccer gold medal winner. The schizophrenia claims that the women’s team from USA won’t have the heart to win gold instead lose of purpose. I hope not.


I’ve meant to go shower and get myself presentable for the nurse. Also meant to go text email the nurse then sit around waiting forever for her arrival. Ugh just the pits when I’m stuck at home today waiting for the nurse’s arrival. Oh well nothing I can do involving that except just do what I say to mom grit my teeth and bare it.

Baby cutie’s gone to hide somewhere. Not so sure of where’s the baby cat went off too.

Baby cutie’s cute when she’s tolerant of those hugged statuses onto her including my kisses. I love that involving the baby cute kitten. What a cute baby cat. Aw.

I wound up showering then fooling around online. Ugh nurse text emailed me that she wants to see me on Thursday instead of today. Ugh I guess I can go out for that walk and eat out for lunch. It’ll mean dipping into my emergency stash. It sucks big time.

Baby cutie got onto my lap from the chair then got onto the armchair to give herself a bath. She’s so cute when she’s on my lap but her butt smells. She stinks of cat pee to me. PU stinky cat smells ugh of Dumperium stink. Yuck.

I text emailed Maureen who ignored me via Facebook. I guess she’s on her cell phone posting crappy stuff involving political humor and her point of views. Some of her stuff is crap I don’t care to like but other times some of her stuff is something I don’t mind. Oh well pity Maureen anyway.

Baby kitten’s gone to groom herself while sitting on my armchair. Cutie looks cute sitting human style. What a cute baby kitten love to slobber her with kisses and hugs. She’s so tolerant of that. Aw.

I’ve meant to go read a damn book but I’m not in the mood to bother. I spent the previous weekend binge reading a damn book so I’m fed up on Monday yesterday including fed up today. I don’t know when I’ll get into the mood for book reading again. Ugh really.

I’ve meant to go out for a walk but I’m not in the mood to bother. The weather’s been gloomy and raining enough to bug me to avoid going out as a result. The weather sucks big time anyway.

Also I wound up with the voice talking while I was trying to watch the TV. Ugh I don’t know if I would go out even with those inner noises or not. The inner noise is terrible big time when I let that dictate what to do today. Ugh.

Maybe I’ll just go to the dumpster and that’s about it. Also try to clean the apartment of messes in here just to make Maureen happy about that. She talked to me via Facebook of me cleaning the apartment and having Eddie watching me doing that job. Ugh nice.

Lunch today was crappy. I could barely eat anything decent besides cheese and chocolate spread. Ugh I could have eaten something else but I don’t have much into my kitchen for food eating. This sucks big time when I don’t have much to eat food wise. Ugh oh well.

Baby kitten wound up sitting onto the armchair bathing herself. She wound up the reception of petting rubbing and patting. Cutely tolerant is her cuteness of those attentions I slobbered onto her. Anyway cutie is currently bathing herself again as usual. What a cute kitten. Love her galore!

Baby cutie is so cute when slobbered with kisses and gathered into my arms for hug fests. She’s so tolerant of that. I love that little munchkin galore. She’s so cute.

“Carp, crap” I’m hearing from the schizophrenia.
I used that word crap for something in a conversation with Maureen today.
I said “Watching NBC crap.”
Maureen replied with some forgettable comment. I don’t remember much of that.

Also Maureen has to go to CVS for stuff then stop by Home Depot for more stuff. Ah pity Maureen is busy today with that. Oh well. It sucks big time when Maureen is unable to come up and see me for a lunch date. Ugh I like our luncheons together. Their great fun anyway that I don’t mind.


Tonight after phoning mom I have to go to dad’s house to feed his fur balls then once that’s done I’ll go home shower cold then relax. Ugh I already posted that cats feeding chore via cell phone so that shouldn’t be a problem to remind me of that shitty chore.

Ugh nice.

I fed the baby kitten some dry food. Her bowl was empty so I gave her some more food. I figured she’ll be happy as a clam to have the food to eat. Cute!

Already been outside its not that hot or humid outside instead its chilly outside. I just don’t get it why do some people have air conditioners running at this time. Ugh it’s chilly outside like nuts. Chilly enough to wear a pair of pants but warm for shorts. The weather sure does seem like it’ll rain later by the gloomy sky. Yuck.

Also I’m tired just am. I’m tired enough to take a nice nap if I can take one. I tried this morning but I couldn’t sleep as a result. Ugh I guess I slept enough hours or something like that shitty fact that I couldn’t sleep much this morning. Ugh that six o’clock wake up wasn’t what I had in mind. Ugh again.

I received my cable bill. Yay I except I have to go pay for it once I get my monthly deposit. It sucks terribly on having to wait till I get my monthly deposit deposited into my bank account. Ugh.

Also I’ve wasted money into my bank account buying all those damned e-books that I only got like ten bucks and some change left into my bank account. I do have ninety dollars saved into book safe but I preferred to save that for Sam’s vet bill when I take her for an appointment on Monday the fifteenth of August. Ugh the vet isn’t going to be appealing to cutie anyway. Poor kitten.

Plus I was hoping on saving my money into book safe. Mostly I ignoring that money in book safe and not touching it for anything. I’m so sick and tired of something popping up for me to touch that money. It’s annoying!

8/9/16 Tuesday
Ugh really annoying when the schizophrenia is blaring the results of who’ll win the gymnastics competition to me. The voice blared “Japan” as the winner and was correct on that. Ugh really annoying!

Also the voice keeps claiming “USA flubs beam.”
The schizophrenia means that the USA will fall off the beam and finish in third place bronze medal position while Russia wins the gold by default. Ugh.

I’m not wasting my breath viewing the gymnastics competition or bothering to check twitter for that shitty competition involving women’s team final. Ugh it sucks.

Anyway I received an email from the town library reminding me of a book due on the sixteenth of August. Ugh the book is “City of Fallen Angels” by Cassandra Clare. Ugh again.

Also I figured since that book “City of Fallen Angels” is due in a week’s time frame I might as well spend the car ride to Wethersfield and back to home reading that damn book. It shouldn’t be a problem anyway for me to read that book and finally be done with that damn thing. The book is an unfinished book I’m hoping to finish soon. Ugh.

Anyway I wound up with a slight sweaty status while reading the cell phone’s twitter account for the gymnastics competition involving the USA men competing in the men’s team final. They placed fifth like I hoped. Yay them!

Traditionally when the USA men place fifth the USA women have won gold the next day. I figured maybe that tradition will continue I’m hoping. Ugh just hoping on that anyway. Ugh oh well.

I know that mom has today off from work. She won’t be able to see me because of me going to Wethersfield for a hearing ear doctor’s appointment. I’m to have a hearing test then after that get my ears examined. Seems nice! I do hope I don’t have wax in my damn ears. Yuck!

Maureen’s online Facebook posting stuff and hasn’t acknowledged my text emails I sent her earlier. Ugh she sucks big time when she’s doing ignorance. Ugh!

Also I sent mom a text email but she ignored me so far. Really annoying!

I wound up finishing this library book “City of Fallen Angels.” I found that book had previews to other books in that Shadowhunters series by Cassandra Clare. The previews seemed interesting enough to wet my whistle for those books. Ugh.

I’m considering buying the e-book versions of Cassandra Clare’s series involving the Shadowhunters. The series so far is really good from what I’ve read enough to be impressed with it. This series sounds good to me anyway. Oh well.

Anyway I’m determined to stay up watching the gymnastics competition involving women’s team final despite that’s a taped event. Ugh their making swimming being live at the moment while using taped delayed for gymnastics. This sucks big time when the NBC channel does that. Ugh.

I read today a great deal of this library book a part of the Lorien Legacies series called “United as One” by Pittacus Lore. I read that book till like I’m one hundred and fifty three pages away from finishing that book. I might as well bring “United as One” to my doctor’s appointment on Thursday at 10:30 a.m.

Ugh meant getting up early for that. I’m not looking forwards to getting up that early for that appointment or that sleeping in bed is going to be a bad night stressful actually. This stress sucks big time.

Also I’m hoping that mom would come up on Thursday to my doctor’s office to drive me around including lunch out with her. Ugh.

I don’t want to walk home really. I just don’t because every time I walk a certain road the voice attacks me and bothers my paranoia. This as a result once I get home I shower cold and focus onto the air conditioner if its summer time. I sometimes use the heat if I’m cold in winter time.

Ugh! I hate it when the voice attacks me during that walk to home on that road! Yuck!

8/10/16 Wednesday
I used the air conditioner till like six o’clock is when I quit that thing. I thought that air of that thing was aggravating the schizophrenia. The voice is blaring at the moment. Ugh.

Also all NBC news has is about this damned tornado that hit North Haven. Ugh can’t they discus something else than that stinking weather?! They suck big time anyway.

Ooh I’ve meant to go watch the Olympics tonight but I doubt that I would watch the men’s all around. I know who won that event and that Japan is the winner actually. Anyway that’s nice that Japan won. Yay for Japan!

I was rooting for Japan to win the all around title in men’s gymnastics. They already had a previous winner from last Olympics competing into this Olympics so I wanted him to win. This Japanese guy actually did win that title. Yay for him!

Also I text emailed mom to text email me for phoning tonight. I think she’s working overtime because of that stinking tornado that hit North Haven. Ugh either that or she’s just trying to get home safety despite the terrible weather hitting the state.

Ugh really annoying when mom doesn’t get back to me ASAP like I expected her to do. This really irks me and makes me annoyed with her as a result. Ugh how annoying!

I sent a text email to Janet this morning “Yesterday I went to Wethersfield for a hearing ear test. My hearing is almost gone from me. Dad’s considering me for a cochlear implant. After that was done we went grocery shopping in Winsted. I bought food then went home. Oh I should add I finished a library book “City of Fallen Angels” by Cassandra Clare. I’m like halfway thru another library book “United as One” by Pittacus Lore. Should finish that soon.”

Janet’s response “Oh I know of kids with cochlear implants. Good luck.”
Ugh just wonder why’s she’s not that talkative to me via text emails in Facebook. She sucks big time when I’m talkative but Janet’s not. Ugh.

I sent Maureen a text email via Facebook this morning that has yet to bother to read that. I think she’s in Florida for the remainder of the week into the weekend. Ugh mostly fixing up her Father in law’s house for selling including taking some stuff out for shipping to her house. Ugh.

“Hi Maureen
I wound up staying up late as midnight watching the gymnastics competition involving the women’s team final. The USA women won the title. Russia placed second while China was third.
I don’t have much planned for today other than an early bedtime tomorrow for 1030am appt with my mental health doctor Thursday. Ugh.
I think my kitty is sick with something. She’s hasn’t been social lately and has been hiding underneath a chair in my bedroom too much. I already wrote some notes on her being sick. Ugh. She’s got a vet appt on Monday at 415pm. Just hope she’s just having allergies.
Ttyl8r on flip side.”

It makes me depressed when mom balks replying ASAP with a text email like I expected her to do. She’s so rude with her damned phone ignorance onto me tonight. She was free in the morning but tonight she’s being rude. Ugh.

All I have to show tonight is being sick in the bathroom with number two. This bathroom sickness is making me depressed. Ugh I noticed I get depressed after multiple number twos in the bathroom. This sucks when I wound up with that shitty problem of depression. Ugh sucks big time.

I phoned mom to whine to her answering machine of her lack of response to my pleas for a phone call “Its miss potty mouth can’t you bother to pickup the damn phone when I ring you up or bother to text email me?! I’m not staying up watching Olympics. I got a 1030am appointment tomorrow I’m to walk to.”
Well not really quoting myself just saying what I assumed I said.

Ugh mom’s is really rude with her damn phone manners. She sucks big time when she’s playing phone games onto me tonight. Really rude!

8/11/16 Thursday
Ugh had a weird dream that seemed like a fan fiction story involving Harry Potter series. The dream is very weird but I don’t even know what to make of it. Ugh plus the world I saw seemed more realistic than Harry Potter’s world. It sucks.

Anyway baby cutie wound up hiding during the whole day. She came out while I was on the phone with mom to stuff her face then resumed hiding. Poor cutie hates stormy weather. Aw cute but she was lap happy last night. She got onto my lap and pinned me with her claws ugh. She did lick my arms in response to that. Aw poor kitty.

Around ten o’clock I booted the baby cat off my lap and went to bed. I woke up around six thirty by myself because I had to get up early as a result. Ugh more likely getting up for bathroom. I tried to snooze a nap after that but I think I managed fifteen minutes.

Ugh sucks big time.

I opened a request onto eBay for not getting my book I ordered off eBay ASAP. It sucks big time when the time frame of arrival for that book has passed and I haven’t received it yet. I did try to be polite with the email to the seller. Ugh I don’t get it why’s the seller hasn’t sent the book yet. The seller sucks big time.

Also I hope I don’t lose money as a result of that opening a case for not receiving my book yet. Humph!

I don’t care for selling stuff online eBay because I always lose money from there. I hate eBay as a result. I just do anyway.

Also I lost money off eBay from some selling a doll which I was ripped off by Nualla McDonnell by her claiming she didn’t give me an address that was to Ireland. I had an address to some place and Nualla ripped me off by claiming she didn’t give me that address. Really annoying when I lost as a result and wasn’t able to have the money. Ugh.

Also I wound up losing half a huge price of money because one buyer demanded half the money back for fixing a doll’s head. I don’t find it amusing when I get ripped off as a result from the buyers from eBay. I just don’t care for eBay as a result. Yuck!

I hate eBay as a result I always losing money off eBay. I don’t win as a result when it comes to eBay’s money factors. This is rather annoying when I’m a loser involving eBay’s money factors. Ugh. Not happy about that shit at all.

I text emailed mom to text email me but she’s ignoring me so far. Really rude!

Plus I’ve got an appointment in town at ten thirty I’m stuck walking to. The walk sucks big time. Also that appointment is for my mental health issues. Ugh don’t care too much for those appointments. Yuck they always last like five minutes and that’s about it. I pretty much preferred to talk via phone than see this doctor in person. Ugh really.

Ugh the weather today is questionable for me to walk in. The weather today will be hot in temperatures and humidity too including some thunderstorms. Yucky weather I don’t want to walk in it. Ugh not what I had in mind.

Last night I wound up constipated as a result. I couldn’t go to the bathroom so I slept that off. Today I broke that constipation. Yay me! Disgusting subject but I’m not sure why’s I’m mentioning it. Ugh!

Baby cutie hid again I guess in response to that damned stormy weather predicted to hit today. Ugh dumb cat dumb animal. Pity the kitty.

I’ve managed to rope dad into driving me around but he gave some resistance to that driving’s shit. He sucks big time when he does that shitty resistance. Ugh oh well.

Anyway I went to the doctor’s office for an appointment. The regular secretary wasn’t there but another lady was. I was there for like thirty minutes. I had to wait ten minutes past my appointment time for seeing the damn doctor. Ugh.

Also the appointment was fine with written notes and stuff. Not much to fill in my time.

After the appointment dad got me to the town library where I checked out Cassandra Clare’s book five of “The Mortal Instruments series” called “City of Lost Souls.” I thought I would read and see how that book goes. Ugh seems nice.

Anyway I rechecked out that book “United as One” by Pittacus Lore book seven of “The Lorien Legacies series.” I’m not keen on reading the other books in the series hence I skipping them for book seven to figure out what’s the conclusion of that series is going to be. I do hope the ending’s not a damn cliffhanger for book eight or anything like that shit.


After town library I went to CVS for pill refills then I went home. I wound up ringing mom up via phone around noon after eating some food I wasn’t too hungry for. It sucked big time when I was sick with constipation and number two today.

Ugh hence my lousy appetite for food today. Yuck.

Also I’ve been feeling constipation since last night. I wound up having that break around eight o’clock this morning that nearly ruined my appetite for food. I wound up sick with number two once home from being out. This sickness was the same thing hitting me while I was off the phone with mom. Ugh hate that shitty fact I have a shitty problem.

Mom picked up when I ranged her around noon. I was on the phone for almost an hour then I got off at the stop keying symbol and wound up sick in the bathroom. I wound up with heavy number two. This heaviness sucks big time when I’m not sure what’s going on within me and my eating food. Ugh just don’t care for this at all today. Yuck.

Mom whined via phone that she was cleaning and planning on going out for a read via car. Ugh its really hot outside hence I’ve got the air conditioner running at the moment.

Baby cutie came out of hiding and got onto my lap to demand attention from me. Cute baby kitten is currently sitting onto my desk on her butt while I’m typing this down. Cutie looks cute when she butts sits.

She’s such a cutesy cat. I love that bundle fondle of fur munchkin so much. Aw love that bundle of fur so much aw!

Baby kitten had a sniff fest with the computer desk then after that went to stand next to the computer’s screen. She’s mostly butting sitting. Cute I guess.

I love my baby bundle fondle of fur munchkin galore. She’s so cute when slobbered with kisses and hugged fests galore. I love to slobber that furball with kisses and hug her a lot into my arms. She’s so tolerant of those kissy faced kisses and huggy hugged statuses from me. I like that from a baby bundle of fur.

Baby kitten went to the armchair then the couch and is sitting onto the couch peering out the window. What a cutie!

Speaking of typing I’ve meant to go phone miss phone ignorance my mother via phone at six o’clock. Ugh I’m not so sure if she’ll pickup the damn phone at that time despite the temperatures is hot and humid outside. Yuck hence I’m stuck using the air conditioner for a few days. Not till this damned heat and humidity blows over soon ASAP. I can’t wait!

Ugh terrible weather hitting the state at the moment. Yuck!

This sucks big time when this weather makes mom phone shy as a result. Ugh could do without that phone shyness shit. Mom’s terrible big time when’s she’s not communicating back to me ASAP even via cell phone text email too.


Baby cute kitten’s gone to sit onto the couch’s back and either peering out the window or just watching I type onto the computer. Baby kitten looks cute when she’s tummy sitting there. I like it when the cutie tummy sits. She’s so cute enough to rub her furry back with my hand. I like that occasionally.

8/15/16 Monday
Today’s Monday. Yay for today!

Ugh I’m not happy with today at the moment because cutie’s got a vet appointment to go to. Ugh she’s been scratching herself all over the place quite heavily. I do hope she doesn’t have fleas. It sucks big time when the fleas are picking onto her but not doing anything to me. Ugh really annoying.

Baby cat’s was in sight sitting via her cute dresser but she ran and hid as a result. Dumb cat now I have to scare her with the vacuum cleaner. That thing sucks big time when I have to do that scaring shit. Ugh.

Plus I got to go out and toss out the garbage. I racked up a pile via oven sitting on top of that thing. It sucks big time when I have to go out into the heat and toss out the garbage. Yucky chore anyway that it sucks.

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