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Jul. 17th, 2016 | 07:38 pm
mood: accomplishedaccomplished

Today I finished an e-book called "Throne of Glass" by Sarah J. Maas. The book was actually already out on paperback or hardcover whichever. I wound up downloading the books via e-reader and just reading them galore when the mood hits me to read those e-books.


I wound up discovering my nook or e-reader had a limited storage involving magazines and e-books and TV series. It sucked big time to do lots of deleting of e-books TV series I haven't watched and magazines I could have read again but haven't in awhile. Ugh this sucks big time.

I also wound up from five hundred something e-books to now around three hundred something e-books of my favorites. The deleting wasn't making me a happy camper because of those e-books I have yet to read or get around to finishing them.

Ugh. I think I deleted some really good e-books I could have kept but I didn't bother. Oh well.

I think I deleted this autobiography by a singer I could have kept onto my e-reader but I wasn't impressed with that singer. I don't favor that singer when it comes to their music or singing styles or anything like that. I figured since I've read that e-book once I might as well deleted it. It was terrible time to do that deleting.

I think I might later read book two in the Throne of Glass series via e-reader. I already have like five books of that series so far downloaded I haven't bothered to read very much. I should really save that e-reader for books I've read and favored to carry copies with me instead of paper copies.

Ugh hate that when I'm not sure of what to do involving my likes towards books. I still favor paper books enough to read them. I also favor e-books enough to read them too. Ugh.

Mom is more of a paper book reader than an e-book reader. She favors reading books that are in paper forms more than reading books that are electronic forms. Poor momsy.

I'm just not so sure why's I'm favoring both electronic books and paper versions enough to read both from time to time. Just don't get it at all.

At least I finished a book today. Yay me!

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