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April going out like a lamb

May. 1st, 2016 | 09:37 am
mood: tiredtired

Baby cute kitten got onto my lap Friday night. I was TV watching junk on HGTV at the time. I wound up not in the mood for “Love it or List it” series on TV as a result. Instead I read almost sixty pages of a library book “Written in Red” by Anne Bishop. The book is pretty good so far from what I’m reading. I’m enjoying that book. It seems nice.

I think close to ten o’clock is when I quit reading that library book and wound up focusing onto the TV instead. The TV was ok so far around the ten o’clock hour but bored me actually.


I had to view the HGTV channel as a result on at ten o’clock because I didn’t want to lie in bed waiting for the pill I took at the time to kick in. Ugh hence I watching TV for an hour to wait for the pill to kick in and then when eleven o’clock rolled around I felt sleepy so I crashed.

Also slept ok sort of but woke up around six o’clock with urges to pee. It sucked big time anyway. I got up and went then after that laid in bed waiting for me to make up my mind on what to do. I think I fell asleep for two hours or three hours. Not sure.

Anyway I woke up around the nine o’clock hour as a result.

I hate eBay. I saw a set of books by author P.C. Cast going to be on sale online eBay with no one buying them yet. I saw that the buying period was going to end in like forty minutes. It sucks big time when the ending period to buy those books caused me to buy them right away. Ugh even when I don’t have the money in my bank account for them. Ugh not happy about that at all.

Oh well.

Also I’ve been meaning to save some money on the side for Sam’s vet bill I’m sure I’ll get. She scratched her right ear heavily in front of me last night while on my lap. I wrote a note involving that down onto a piece of paper. I was hoping to avoid having her go to the vet for an appointment on her ear. Ugh.

Poor kitty when she has vet appointments stresses me out actually. Plus it’s stressful having to take her to the vet. I don’t care for that vet appointments. Yuck.

I’m just hoping that Pay Pal will take awhile before deducting the money from my bank account. Perhaps not till like Tuesday when I get my monthly deposit. I’m hoping. Just my luck Pay Pal will deduct before Tuesday making me get a bank overcharge status.

Ugh. It’ll mean putting money into my bank account from my books to cover that book buying. Ugh nuts.

Also whatever money I have in my bank account I spend it off e-books online Barnes and Noble’s website using Pay Pal. I really should save my money instead of spending it onto e-books I won’t read or take awhile for me to read. It's terrible big time when I won’t be reading much e-book wise. Ugh.

I snatched the baby cute kitten up for a hug fest and some kisses. She kitty kissed me in response then got out of my arms. Aw cute! Love that bundle of fur galore! She’s so cute!

I wound up with Melissa here in my apartment. I peeked out the window and saw her park her car. I had to go out of the apartment to tell her where to park which she obeyed.

We sorted my clothes’ closet that lasted like ten minutes so I wound up sorting my books in bookcases including magazines in bookcases and my videos and DVDs. Ugh I think I stirred up lots of dust that made me hot as heck as a result. I had to shower after Melissa left and exchanged my clothes.

The voice talked during my showering and aggravated the paranoia. I wound up reading muse talk via a story a reborn status involving one character named Eric. I thought the story would amuse me for awhile. So I fixed Eric’s story for a bit till the voice and paranoia went away. I think around two forty five is when I text emailed dad to take me out grocery shopping. He agreed and gave me the time of three o’clock.

I wound up taking all the twenties and tens from my books and left my five dollar bills in there. I figured I’ll save every single five dollar bill I get as change money into my books. This savings is in honor of Gramma giving me five dollar bills. Something I’m hoping to continue the tradition of saving every single five dollar bill into books for as long as I can withstand that and avoid spending those five dollar bills. Ugh.

After that I went grocery shopping.
The voice kept on claiming “Bank is closed.”
Commentary over and over while I was going to the store to drop off sixty bucks worth of my books money. Ugh. The bank turned out to be open so I dropped off that sixty bucks into deposit. I now am not going to be overdrawn at the moment. It’s good that I dropped the money anyway. Nice.

After the money drop off me went grocery shopping. I bought about seventy or around that amount worth of food. I used my own twenty dollar bill I had in my wallet to pay for some laundry detergent. I bought the pads type of laundry detergent. I figured I’ll try those and see how the pads or pods whatever their called goes.

After grocery shopping I got home and munched on some food then made sure to put some food away too.

I wound up putting into my book fifteen dollars worth of fives into there from using a twenty dollar bill to purchase laundry pads or pods. Not sure what to call them. Ugh.

Also I have almost ten bucks worth of coins into my corset purse. I’ve meant to take that coinage money to the bank and see if they can give me some dollar amount for it. I was hoping to save about ten bucks worth of coins so I can give to the bank for ten bucks in return. Problem is I’m sure that money needs to be rolled up. It stinks big time when I’m sure that banks will required rolled up money. Ugh. Not what I had in mind anyway.

I forgot to buy more cat food from Stop and Shop. The bag involving Sam’s food is getting low. I didn’t bother to buy more of that stuff. I could have but I didn’t write myself a note to bother. This forgetting sucks big time ugh.

I wound up text emailing mom to text email me. She didn’t bother to do that shitty text emailing at all. I called her at 6 p.m. which she picked up after I tried to leave a message. Ugh goody.

Anyway somewhere during the phone call the voice started to aggravate me involving forgetting something. The voice was chanting its familiar wording involving me forgetting to do something over and over.
Ugh kept on hearing “Forgetting some.”
Ugh mostly over and over till I remembered I forgot to buy Sam more cat food. Rats this sucks big time.

Also means I’ll have to walk to CVS in the morning despite the rain and go buy that bag of cat food I need. Ugh also pick up my prescription too. CVS text emailed me that they have a prescription for pickup. It’ll mean dipping into my book again.

Ugh I had to dip into my book to put money into my bank account’s checking so I could avoid an overdrawn charge via buying a set of books off eBay. I do hope I actually read those damned books despite buying them. Ugh terrible big time.

Also I’ve been meaning to limit myself to fifty bucks of purchasing stuff off eBay. It’s the same for limiting me for purchasing e-books too. I’ve meant to limit one hundred dollars for purchasing stuff online eBay and via buying e-books too. Ugh.

I also meant to save some money on hand for Sam’s vet bill. She’s managed to heavily scratch her ear while in front of me one night while on my lap. I’m just a bit worried that she has ear mites or something involving allergies again. Ugh.

I hate vet appointments. Yuck drives me crazy on having to catch Sam then stuff her into the cat carrier followed by waiting forever for Dad’s arrival to drive me to the vet’s office or animal hospital. Ugh really annoying!

"Ugh really annoying!" echoed the schizophrenia.
Just hoping I get around to scrubbing the house with a good cleaner. I think my sorting on Saturday stirred up too much dust that I need to vacuum some more.

Also the dust stirring up got me hot as a result. The hotness triggered the voice to blare including aggravating the paranoia to go off. I wound up reading muse talk as a result. I habitually read muse talk while I'm suffering from an attack of schizophrenia. I don't bother with a book but I should anyway.

I'm currently reading "Written in Red" by Anne Bishop. I found that book pretty good. I've been meaning to read more of Bishop's book last night but I focused onto the TV instead. Oh well how terrible.

Mom says "TV is boring."
She doesn't like TV very much. She pretty much prefers to read a book instead. Just do. Well that's nice when she's a big book reader when I'm not much of that book reading thing.

Just tired today. I might as well go take a nice nap if I can snooze.

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boo hoo!

Apr. 20th, 2016 | 04:59 pm
mood: annoyedannoyed

I wound up reading a story in “The Assassin’s Blade” till like Ellen’s show came onto the TV is when I quit reading. I wound up hot and bothered with the tinnitus noisy singing after I finished the fourth story in that book. There’s like five stories actually. Ugh.

I swear I get hot and bothered when I read teens' novels hence the tinnitus gets involved. It's the same for the voice getting involved when I read teens' novels. I got the voice involved when I read "Panic" by some forgettable author I don't care for. I thought the e-book version was terrible and deleted it from my e-reader after I finished the story.

Anyway last night I didn’t relax even during Ellen’s show. I was rather stressed because of dad text emailing me of the repairman from Charter coming over. Ugh. Also a bit stressed about eating dinner and awaiting Maureen’s visit including Eddie’s visit and Jenna’s visit. Ugh again. This made the tinnitus loudly singing as a result. Ugh really annoying!

I think around 7pm is when I relaxed. It was when everybody left to my relief. After that I phoned mom but she ignored me so I text emailed her to text email me. Ugh mom text emailed me around 7:30pm is when I wound up on the phone for an hour. She whined of the landlord making a hole in her apartment’s walls. Ugh after that mom whined of needing to cover that hole so she hung up without a word including the operator. Really rude!

After that hung up I wound up waiting like ten minutes to phone mom again. This time mom was on the phone for thirty minutes but around 9pm we quit the phoning. I wound up exchanging my clothes to pajamas and sat down watching a rerun of “Fixer Upper.”

Ugh HGTV has been rerunning shows lately instead of anything new. Ugh I don’t get it at all. But at the 10pm hour they showed something new like this new show “Good Bones” based in Indianapolis, Indiana involving a mother and daughter duo. Seemed interesting show so I watched that till it ended at 11pm is when I crashed. Ugh.

I slept fine with the baby cat cuddle bumming me. Cutie was cold I guess. Aw cute. Also I woke up with her cuddling me so I petted her galore including giving her cute head rubs. Then before I showered I picked her cuteness up for a nice hug. She kitty kissed me in response. Aw cute like I said. I love that little munchkin galore. She’s so cute.

Officially broke at the moment. I don’t have much money left in my checking account. I blew some money onto some books off eBay. I bought three books by Sarah Douglas involving her series called “The Troy Game.” Ugh. Also blew around twenty five bucks onto some paperback books of J.R. Ward’s “Black Dagger Brotherhood” series. Ugh this sucks big time.

Now I’m just depressed that I blew some money off books online eBay. I don’t even know what I thinking when it comes to the money was blown status. I suspect that I was urged to blow that money when I saw the total via cell phone. Just a bad habit or something I think. Ugh.

I noticed when the money is in a high number via cell phone I get urged to blow it off stuff online eBay and the internet’s website Barnes and Noble where I purchase e-books galore. I barely have twenty dollars in my bank account after today’s blown on books off eBay. This sucks.

I'm talking about my checkbook via cell phone. The high number I had listed onto there made me want to spend the money as a result. Hence I broke now. Ugh.

I tell myself over and over to avoid spending money off junk online but I won't listen to myself. I keep on spending that money off junk online. Just rather annoying.

This makes me depressed as a result. I don’t even know of what to do other than avoid buying more e-books and books off the websites. This purchasing is bound to make me depressed terribly. Ugh hence I upset at the moment and just not sure of what to do now. Oh well. This does seem terrible big time.

Plus I’m trying to save some money into my bank account but it stink big time when I’m spending that money off stuff online. Like buying lots of e-books including books off websites like Barnes and Noble and eBay. This is terrible when I can’t seem to save any money and avoid spending it off the internet.

Ugh. I do wish I could bother to stop being urged to spend my money off stuff online like eBay or Barnes and Noble. Ugh terrible big time.

Hence I quit that checkbook program onto my cell phone and is resorting to the computer when it comes to spending money including old fashioned paper. I figured that without that checkbook program I might as well avoid the urge to spend money galore off junk on eBay including lots of e-books some I won't read for awhile. Ugh.

I do wish I could avoid this unnecessary spending of stuff and just start saving money into my bank accounts instead. Just save my money for awhile building it up for a bit so I can afford to take care of Samantha my cutie cat.

I currently have one hundred dollars saved into my books at the moment I can’t touch. It’s money for Sam’s vet’s bill. She’s getting older and will get sick one of those days. I need to start saving money into my books. Plus stop taking money out of my books for spending off frivolous things. Ugh. Not what I had in mind to do with the money into my books. Yuck.

Plus the bank is deducting three dollars from checking account every month because the total isn’t one thousand dollars or above that amount. Ugh I hate that deduction but nothing I can do involving that deduction. It sucks big time.

Also I do wish I could get Maureen into my bedroom to help me sort my books including getting rid of a bookcase so I can avoid the cluttered status in there. I don’t care for the clutter in my bedroom full of boxes and bookcases and toys. Ugh it’s the pits anyway.

I can’t wait to get Microsoft excel into my computer. I liked to be able to do some calculations including math and lists onto it. I did manage to text email dad a request for that including a website for it. I just want to use that program for my computer. Ugh.

Dad replied to my text email question about Microsoft excel. It appears the computer already has that program. Yay me!

Also I spent some time over an hour making lists with Microsoft excel. I made a Checkbook list including lists involving books. I figured it’s about time I used the computer as my checkbook instead of marking it via cell phone. Ugh.

I found if there are money amounts via cell phone I get urged to spend it. This sucks big time when I’m urged to spend that money amount till I’m broke again. Yuck. Hence I am using the damn computer as a reason to do my checkbook. I figured that the computer should be helpful I’m hoping. Ugh again.

Also I figured that it shouldn’t be a problem to avoid doing more additions or subtractions via cell phone’s checkbook. Instead I’ll just do it via computer and use the cell phone’s calculator to add and subtract. Ugh can’t wait to try this instead of the damned cell phone.


It’s going to take me awhile to get used to the computer for my checkbook’s status instead of doing that via cell phone. Plus start writing that down via checkbook’s paper form too.

Ugh not happy with getting rid of my checkbook’s statuses from my cell phone. I feel sort of lost without that thing onto my cell phone. I’ll have to get used to it one of those damn days. It sucks big time when I’ll have to use my damn checkbook and paper instead of cell phone.

I’m two thirds through two library books and have yet to bother to read either one of them today. I guess I’m fed up at the moment hence I pretty much preferred TV to the library books or reading anything. It’s the same for me typing my thoughts down than focusing onto the TV.

I’m like ninety eight pages away from finishing “The Assassin’s Blade” a prequel to “Throne of Glass” series by Sarah J. Maas. I found the series pretty good so far but I don’t remember much of the first book of the series “Throne of Glass.” I can barely remember what that book was about despite reading “Crown of Midnight” the second book of the series. Oh well.

I’m not even sure if I’ve read “City of Glass” by Cassandra Clare. I think I did but I don’t remember much of that book. Hence I am reading the second book of “The Mortal Instruments” series. I’m stuck on reading book four of that six book series. Its terrible big time when I can barely remember reading book one of that series. Ugh.

I’m like one hundred and seventy six pages away from finishing “The Bourbon Kings” by J.R. Ward. I aim to read that when I can tomorrow if I feel like it.

I figured I’m fed up with reading some books today hence my unwillingness to read anything book wise. Its stinks big time when I’m barely paying attention to the TV despite Ellen’s show is on now.

I pretty much preferred to type muse talk to my thoughts but I was in the mood to type something so I typed lists onto Microsoft excel followed by typing onto the computer my thoughts. I wanted really to type muse talk but I’m just not in the mood to bother. Ugh I guess I’m not keen today. Oh well.

Also I text emailed mom this morning “Its Beth its 8:50am I’m up so text email me phone wise.”
She ignored me and didn’t bother to reply to my text email. How rude of her!

Humph mom’s work shift is supposedly noon to five today. I think she got called to work early today or she went someplace to shower. Her shower is not operational hence she stuck without a shower at the moment. Ugh pity mom. Oh well.

Also I haven’t been in the mood for going outside for a walk today. I just wanted a day to stay home and relax. I was stressed out yesterday and wanted a day to stay home avoiding people and public crap. Ugh.

“Its Beth its 545pm home awaiting word phone wise so text e mail me mews.” My text email to mom’s cell phone which she better have an excuse for ignoring me this morning!
Humph! I don’t find it amusing that mom ignored me this morning when she could have bothered to text email me that she got work early or something like that.

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weekend of boredom and aggravations

Apr. 11th, 2016 | 07:23 am
mood: aggravatedaggravated

Saturday mom aggravated me by claiming that she would come up to see me via phone. She aggravated me by not text emailing me asap or bothering to let me know she was at the Auntie's home. Ugh.

I wound up typing something unflattering involving Mom via my computer journal. Mom chose that moment to let herself inside my home. Ugh. She won't use the doorbell but will let herself inside with her damn key. She's terrible big time anyway when it comes to letting me know of her presence. Oh well.

Mom and I went to Dunkin Donuts to eat lunch followed by visiting the library next door. I considered buying a book but I didn't have the money in my wallet. I only had some change so I opt not to buy a book.

Ugh mom dragged me to a museum on Torts law which I found boring to tears actually. I didn't feel like being there at all. Boring.

While I was at the museum I wound up aggravated by the voice. I think the aggravation involved me in the bathroom. I noticed the voice aggravates me when I'm in the bathroom processing number two. The voice is really annoying when it aggravates me. Ugh.

The voice didn't last that long attacking me when I left the bathroom. Mom wound up calming me to pay attention to her doing some reading of the exhibits. After that museum was done mom drove me home and dropped me off.

I wound up watching a HGTV marathon of "Fixer Upper" this Texas based show. This Texas show makes me want to live in Texas on a farm. I don't know how I would have withstand the flooding and tornadoes but I would have lived there anyway. It'll be entertaining living on a farm anyway with tons of cats and animals. How fun.

Saturday night I talked to mom via phone for over an hour then after that I focused onto HGTV's "Property Brothers." Nice show but they were showing reruns I didn't care for. Ugh.

Sunday I wound up waking up late as 9 a.m. in the morning. I guess I was tired or something. it sucked.

Well around 11:30 a.m. Dad arrived which I missed a result of a HGTV channel's British version of "Love it or List it." Ugh. Dad drove me to Amherst, Massachusetts where I attended a deaf social at a grocery store. I had food there paid by Dad then I spent over an hour talking to people who were deaf and hearing and learning sign language.

I think the voice got aggravated around 2:30 p.m. is when I insisted to dad to leave. He drove me to Barnes and Noble nearby but the paranoia was aggravated at the time along with the voice's blaring chanting too much. I couldn't withstand being in the bookstore. I insisted to dad to leave which he agreed going to Walmart next door. I concentrated onto Dad's feet following him around the store till he bought what he wanted and we left.

I was relieved when we got to the car which Dad drove me home. I wound up reading Nora Roberts' book "Summer Pleasures" It's two stories in one that are connecting together. I wound up reading that book while in the car ride to home.

I got home and wound up editing muse talk involving multiple stories just to get my mind off the inner noises. There were periods when the inner noises tempted me to go to bed and sleep it off but I didn't bother.

Mom wound up text emailing me as a result so I talked to her for thirty minutes then thirty minutes with muse talk. I was really creep out by the voice and paranoia. I wound up again talking to mom via phone but I made the phone call short as a result. Mostly used the muse talk excuse as a reason. It was just an excuse to get off the phone and focus onto muse talk for awhile.

I wound up editing one story involving lengthy sentences and stuff like that till like 11 p.m. is when the voice stopped its annoying chanting. I think around that time is when the voice quit but the paranoia was still there. I forced myself to bed as a result.

Sam the cutest cat ever cuddle bummed me during my sleep as a result. I wound up sleeping fine talking to myself some muse talk stories I was intending to type. I never got around to typing that down as a result. I wound up sleeping fine till morning woken up by bathroom and daylight. I did tried to sleep some more but I felt like I couldn't sleep so I got up.

I wound up slightly aggravated this morning with the voice and paranoia. I'm just hoping to do some vacuuming around here including cleaning the bathroom. I don't feel up to leaving my sanctuary home for anything today. My paranoia is slightly aggravated as a result. Ugh.

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Bad day

Apr. 1st, 2016 | 05:54 pm
mood: aggravatedaggravated

Humph! I wound up aggravated by the voice starting at 9 p.m. on Wednesday night. I tried to sleep off the voice’s attack as a result but couldn’t so I went onto the computer to edit muse talk. Anything to get my mind off the inner noises despite it sucks.

I wound up crashing into bed around 2 a.m. in the morning and woke up around 7:30 a.m. pawed awake by Sam. She was insisting on having me up and awake. I tried to sleep till alarm clock time of 8:30 a.m. but couldn’t. It sucked big time.

I went to my appointment with mental health doctor. I wound up aggravated by the voice after I was done with the doctor’s appointment. I had to walk to pizza restaurant for getting food. I wound up really paranoid while walking on the way to school to meet Maureen in her office.

Maureen noticed that I was in distress by the attack’s episode. It sucks big time when I wasn’t able to talk to her very much even talk to Eddie when he showed up for a talk. I wound up reading a library book as a result.

I read and finished “Born in Ice” by Nora Roberts yesterday and read a bit of “City of Fallen Angels” by Cassandra Clare.

I got home and wound up editing several rejected story ideas into a story’s theme of a character’s point of view involving something just to get my mind off the inner noises. It sucked big time when the paranoia and voice got too much for me enough to want to sleep it off via lounge chair. I didn’t bother doing that instead I wound up just editing muse talk and focusing onto the computer despite nervous of the inner noises. It sucks.

After that the attack quit around five o’clock when I went to eat food and take my pill. I wound up aggravated by the voice blaring about me having to go number two and aggravated by the voice blaring noisy involving that. It sucks like I said.

Anyway I wound up watching some junk on HGTV channel till like 10 p.m. is when I crashed because the voice was getting noisy. It's annoying big time when the voice blares whenever I’m tired enough to sleep. Ugh.

After that I woke up this morning with the cutest cat ever playing onto my hand as in chewing it. I had to get up and wash my hand and arm as a result. Then I resumed bed and slept fine for two hours.

Baby cutie wound up cutely happy today because she got to chew onto my hand. Aw cute.

Also Eddie showed up for kitchen cleaning. He cleaned the refrigerator its messes then the kitchen. The nurse arrived during that and saw me and found my vitals fine. She met Eddie and was fine with him there but she couldn’t wash her hands. She had to use some cream or hand sanitizer for her hands a pity anyway.

After that nurse left then Eddie left and I wound up text emailing dad to take me out to eat. He balked the eatery but agreed to do errands for me. Nice.

I wound up going to the town library to check out some books. One I checked out by mistake by not realizing what it was when I pulled it from the bookcase in the library. This sucks big time. I discovered this fact once I was home from being out. Ugh.

After library was CVS is where I picked up my Saphris prescription along with reading a bit of “City of Fallen Angels.” Nice book too bad I don’t have the next book in the series involving that. I checked out book six by mistake instead of book five. Its terrible when I'll have to go back to the town library and drop off book six and hopefully pick up book five once I'm sure I'll be done with book four. Ugh.

After CVS I went to stop and shop where I met Kerri a student from school who’s working there. We had a short chat I cut abruptly because I wasn’t in a talkative mood. I guess I wasn’t willing to talk. Oh well.

I wound up home as a result of my food put away including a hot flash which I exchanged my clothes to something else. Then I snatched the baby cat for a hug fest and several kisses. She was so tolerant of the kisses and hug fests. Aw cute!

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Books read

Mar. 19th, 2016 | 01:42 pm
mood: accomplishedaccomplished

I finally finished my sixteenth book this year called "Stars" by Nora Roberts. Yay me! That book is a library book I finished and is a part of "Stars of Mithra" trilogy by Nora Roberts. I rated that book four stars online Good Reads.

Now I've got "City of Glass" by Cassandra Clare to read and finish. I'm like halfway through that book at the moment. I've got over two hundred out of five hundred something pages left to read and I'll be done. I can't wait to be finally be done with that book. Ugh.

Also I've checked out Sarah J. Maas's "Throne of Glass" series from the town library earlier this week. I'm not sure if I remember reading book one in that series "Throne of Glass." I did checked out the current four books of that series at the time when I visited the town library. I didn't bother to think of reading the e-books despite purchasing the series.

Ugh. I don't even know why I bother reading paper versions of books compared to e-books. Oh well I guess I like reading paper books compared to electronic books. This stinks big time when I'm more of a paper book reader compared to an e-book reader. Ugh.

Also stinks big time when I'm done with a book and now I have to figure out what book I should read next. This always brings me debates despite having way too many books on hand to make up my mind. Ugh I hate this debate actually. Plus the debate on what to do today to read a nice book till its time for me to make some phone calls and focus onto the TV airing the local news. Ugh.

I wound up text emailing Dad to take me out to lunch so he did that. I had something else than cheesy foods for lunch. I wound up making a dent into "Stars" by Nora Roberts. I read a great deal of that book while waiting for food including eating my food with the book reading. Dad was fiddling via cell phone than chattering with me. Ugh He's hardly a talker with me and always seems more inclined to fiddle via cell phone than talk. I don't have much to talk to dad either.

Anyway I wound up with a slight paranoia aggravated while I was out with dad. I tried to ignore that feeling by reading Roberts' book out of needing something to read and get my mind off the inner noises.

I did went to CVS to pick up a prescription some hormone pills I'm not even sure if I should take them or not. I wound up sitting around reading a bit of Roberts' book while waiting for the pharmacist to fill in my prescription then I went grocery shopping.

I bought some foods including some I haven't tried before. I tried to buy the smallest box or jar of those foods I haven't tried. Some of those foods weren't veggies and fruit but some drinks like tomato juice. I haven't really tried tomato juice before. If I drink that at home I'll have to wash a cup and use that out of drinking out of the bottle. It'll be a waste of food or drink if I drink out of the bottle and hate the drink. Ugh.

Baby cute kitten once I was home settled herself onto my lap and purred her cute little motorboat off. She's cute that I snatched her up for a nice hug fest including giving her cuteness kisses. She's so tolerant of the hugs and kisses. Aw cute!

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Books read

Mar. 18th, 2016 | 09:07 pm
mood: accomplishedaccomplished

I finally finished "Blood Kiss" by J.R. Ward. I found that book much better than "The Shadows" in her Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Ugh I think I rated "Blood Kiss" four stars online Good Reads' website where I'm a member.

I did use Shelfari for awhile as underneath the name of Nikolina but that website's been screwing me up so I went to Good Reads. Mostly found a mobile option to Good Reads onto cell phone.

I've been posting books online Good Reads via cell phone. Yay me! I think I've got around one hundred and sixty something books onto there that is already read. I've made it to one thousand books online Shelfari till they screwed up everything. Ugh. Good Reads might take awhile before I can reach one thousand books. I already posted around twenty four books I'm planning to read. Just hoping I actually get around to reading those damned books.


Also finished story one in "Stars" by Nora Roberts. If I had to rate that story I would give it four stars or five stars if I feel inclined.

I'm currently reading story two in "Stars" by Nora Roberts. I'm like one hundred and thirty something pages away from finishing that book. Yahoo can't wait. It'll be entertaining to finally finish a library book like that one. Yahoo!

I'm stuck on reading "City of Glass" book three in "The Mortal Instruments" series by Cassandra Clare. I'm hoping on reading more of that book when I feel up to it. This depends on me and my mood actually.

I finished "Iced" by Karen Marie Moning and rated that book four stars online Good Reads. I had to ask town library for next book in the series called "Burned" despite already having the e-book version.

I don't even know why I'm bothering to read paper versions of e-books I already have copies of. I just don't get it at all. Just don't. This doesn't make any sense at all.

I think I pretty much preferred reading paper copies of books to e-books at the time. I guess that must be why's I asked library for books that I already have e-books of. I guess I wasn't in the mood to read those e-books. Ugh.

I save those e-books for night reading when I'm in the car ride with dad driving some where. I read those e-books galore in the car. Mostly when I'm sitting bored to tears and don't want to peer out the window at anything involving the night but just read.

I find that reading is much better than looking out the window of a car bored to tears.
Mom has told me "You should be watching where your going."
Ugh not what I had in mind to do anyway. I pretty much preferred a book instead to peering out the window at what's I'm seeing via scenery.

Anyway I considered reading "Stars" but decided to wait another day. I do want to finish reading "City of Glass" but that book's got stuff in it that's not for bedtime reading.

I hardly read anything before bed most nights. I mostly read what I can read galore when I feel up to it mood wise. It shouldn't be a problem for me to entertain myself with some books when the mood hits. It'll be entertaining anyway.

Ugh oh well.

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Really annoyed!

Mar. 18th, 2016 | 12:17 pm
mood: aggravatedaggravated

I wound up sick with the schizophrenia attacking me around 11 a.m. I had to stay home focusing onto the computer for like twelve hours. I did take a break to watch TV at 9 p.m. including reading Nora Roberts' book "Stars."

"Stars" is a reprint of the trilogy "Stars of Mithra" by Nora Roberts. I checked out that book from town library on Saturday last week. I made a great deal of a dent into that book. It's got two stories in that trilogy involving Roberts' fiction in it. I finished one story and now I'm on the second story. Yay me!

I wound up checking out Sarah J. Maas's series "Throne of Glass" from town library on Wednesday. I thought I would read those books so I checked them out. I think I should have checked out something else than those books because I already have the e-book versions. I don't even know why's I'm bothering with the paper versions when I have electronic versions. It's very weird anyway. Ugh. I guess that checking out is because I've got the urge to read paper versions compared to electronic versions. Not entirely sure why. Ugh again.

Baby cute kitten got onto my lap this morning. Aw cute. She indicated the nurse's visit today. Yeah I managed to whine to the nurse of my bad attack of schizophrenia yesterday. Nurse was sympathetic to me but didn't do much besides checking my vitals and listening to me whine. Ugh.

After nurse's visit was Eddie's visit to clean the kitchen. He was critical of my refrigerator being stained of soda juice and stuff inside that thing. Ugh. Also he cleaned while I did the vacuuming. I vacuumed the living room then parts of my bedroom. I didn't want to scare the baby kitten with my vacuuming around in the bedroom. Ugh poor kitty aw.

Also wound up attacked by the voice again hence I focusing onto the computer. I can barely do any muse talk. I did muse talk for too long yesterday. Today I'm just not in the mood to bother doing that. I pretty much preferred to type onto computer instead my thoughts including how I'm feeling. Ugh.

I had surgery on Wednesday for some personal problem. I wound up aggravated by the schizophrenia since Wednesday night when I went to bed. Ugh that aggravation involved number two in the bathroom. It sucked big time when I had to put up with the voice going off because of that shitty problem involving the bathroom. Yuck!

I wound up with another aggravation involving the voice today after I ate lunch. The voice quit bothering me but the paranoia wound up a bit aggravated. Ugh. Hence I onto the computer typing my thoughts down via journal including my Microsoft word program involving whatever I could type down for getting myself my composure.

Maureen hasn't been online in awhile. She posted some videos I already posted online Facebook. I don't get it her posting anyway. She's sort of vocal and strong when it comes to her postings. Also she's pretty much big on posting stuff galore. I guess that's what she likes to do while on Facebook. Interesting anyway.

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I'm being bitchy this morning

Mar. 13th, 2016 | 07:54 am
mood: bitchybitchy

Ugh left the TV onto the TLC channel Friday night. I wound up reading a library book due in a week’s time frame. I finished “Fallen in Love” by Lauren Kate. The book was really good that I rated it five stars online Good Reads’ website. Yay me!

Also read a great deal of “City of Ashes” by Cassandra Clare. I read as much of that book I could stand till I got one hundred and twenty five pages left to go then I’ll be done. Yay again!

Also I wound up starting Nora Roberts’ book “Stars” on Thursday. I read a great deal of that book so that’s nice anyway.

Anyway I wound up chatting with mom via phone twice. She wanted to watch world news so I let her while I watched that myself then around the seven o’clock hour I wound up phoning mom again. I had to phone her three times till she bothered to text email me. Ugh wasn’t happy with that phone ignorance she did onto me. I was really annoyed. Ugh.

Anyway after the phone call I wound up seeing what HGTV channel was airing Friday night which was that show I hated despite aggravations by the schizophrenia. I went to TLC channel but their captions were late and aggravating me so I wound up reading a book instead.

I think TLC’s channel ran their programs off the time frames again hence I going to HGTV around the 10:45 p.m. time frame just to avoid this TV I was watching on TLC. TLC was boring me anyway with their stuff including annoying time run over. Yuck annoyed me too much.

After that I stayed up till like eleven o’clock hour but a bit into that time frame. I crashed and slept in bed with the cutie cuddle bumming me in my sleep. I let the cute baby kitten sleep as long as she wanted while I was lying in bed. Cutie got up this morning so I got up and started my day. Aw cute!

I snatched the baby cute kitten up for a nice hug. She kitty kissed me in response then got out of my arms. Aw!

“You’re so cute aren’t yah?” I sang to the baby bundle of fur.
She cutely looked at me then resumed her grooming. Aw so cute love that munchkin galore. Aw what a kitten.

I’m just tired that Saturday morning. Just am.

I wound up with the voice aggravating me just prior to the bathroom number two. Ugh sucks big time. Also sucks big time when I’m not even sure if I’ll get further aggravated by the voice or not. Ugh.

I’ve meant to go out for a walk to town library just to drop off some books. Also meant to haul my grocery cart with me full of stuff and books but don’t know if I should bother.

Ugh just tired or lazy Saturday. I want to bug dad into taking me out grocery shopping and to town library but I think he took me out already earlier this week. It sucks big time when I’m not even sure of what to do to get out and about town via foot. Ugh.

Also Maureen replied to my text email last night. I didn’t reply to her because of phoning mom. I wound up this morning replying to her text email via Facebook. She was online but ignored me. Ugh must be on her cell phone. Oh well she plays ignorance when she’s on her cell phone but pays attention via computer. Ugh she sucks big time.

I wound up bugging dad to take me out to town library and to grocery shopping. He agreed after an hour of ignoring my text email request. Ugh Jeez dad?!

Anyway I went to the town library driven by dad to there. He stayed in the car while I walked inside. I dropped off “Rapture” by Lauren Kate the final book in the “Fallen” series unread. I figured I’ll read that book later when I feel up to it. I didn’t want to read that damn book in like seven days so I returned it.

I checked out four paperback books.

Two are by Nora Roberts involving her “Born in” trilogy. I already read “Born in Fire” the first book in the trilogy. I figured the time was a good time for checking out the other two books so I did that.

I wound up checking out a seven day loaner “Blood Kiss” by J.R. Ward a part of her Black Dagger Legacy series. The book’s an unfinished book I didn’t finish the first time I’ve checked it out. Instead I read halfway through that book then returned it and then waited awhile before checking “Blood Kiss” out again. The book’s rather interesting from what I’m reading and left off. Yay me!

I wound up grocery shopping and bought some foods. Just some junk food including some other stuff I’m sure I’m willing to eat. Ugh.

I got home and read a bit more of Nora Roberts’ book “Stars.” Its got two stories in that book so I finished one story then wound up reading a great deal of “Blood Kiss” which is a really good book so far.

I figured that “Blood Kiss” is much better than Ward’s original Black Dagger Brotherhood’s latest books. It’s pretty good and I like it better than her latest books like “The Shadows.”

I don’t care for “The Shadows.” I thought that book was terribly not well written and not well edited pretty good. That book was terrible big time when “The Shadows” wasn’t my interests in that series but I did managed to finish the library version including buying the e-book version. That e-book buying was out of loyalty towards J.R. Ward actually. I figured I’ll support her with her writings but that’s about it.

Also I’ve been meaning to support Marjorie M. Liu with her “Dirk and Steele” series but I haven’t bothered very much. I only bought one e-book version of her series called “Soul Song.” I wasn’t impressed with her other books in the series including the first book. I was more impressed with “Soul Song” than any other book in the “Dirk and Steele” series. Its terrible big time when I’m not too supportive of Liu’s works.

This is the same with some other authors’ works I favor. I’m not that supportive towards other authors I favor and only using town library to get their books. Ugh.

I do wish people would more favorable towards me and my writings. The people I keep on hoping that they’ll be likely to favor my writing including buying every single one of my works. Those people aren’t supporting me and my writings very much. Ugh not happy at all.

Also even worse is dad’s not that supportive towards me and my writings at the moment. I already emailed him some stories and all I got from him was negative talk. Ugh. Not happy when dad’s not supportive towards my writings or what I’m trying to tell via story wise. It’s terrible big time when I don’t have any support from my own family in that writing career besides my mom. Ugh.

So far I’ve been sick with hot flashes since I’ve gotten home and sick with number two cases. I have no idea what’s going on other than that I’ve need to eat better foods. Its terrible big time when I don’t eat right like veggies or fruits. Ugh. Not happy with my lack of eating proper foods. Ugh.

Sunday this morning Bah humbug I wound up attacked by the voice last night around the 10 p.m. hour. I figured I would try to sleep so I went to bed and slept the noises off. Ugh.

Also baby cute kitten cuddle bummed me last night into this morning. Aw cute. I let the baby kitten snooze as long as she wanted till she was sensed getting up this morning. I wound up getting up to go to the bathroom then resumed sitting on my bed thinking.

Baby bundle of fur wound up onto my bed and rubbed her face into my glasses including licking my nose. She made me happy when she did that marking. What a cute kitten. I love that little bundle of fur too much enough to slobber kisses onto her and hugging her a lot. Aw so cute!

Ugh since it was daylight savings time I had to set my alarm clock an hour ahead this morning. I didn’t bother to do it last night. Ugh sucks big time. Also I wound up not bothering to do that to my living room’s clock either. Its stinks big time when I didn’t bother doing much involving that clock changing. Ugh.

I’m so close to finishing some books but I keep on stalling on reading them or bothering to finish the books. Its terrible big time when I’m just not willing to read them last night despite rerun junk on HGTV channel. Ugh again.

Also I was practically finished with “Blood Kiss” but I didn’t bother to read or finish that book last night. I just ignored that book and focused onto rerun junk on the HGTV channel. Ugh not happy about that lack of book reading crap at all. Oh well.

Plus I was almost finished with “City of Ashes” but I didn’t bother to read more of that book or the last pages last night either. Ugh terrible big time.

I figured today during the TV’s boring me I might be willing to read more of my library books too. Just hoping I’m correct on this damned reading. It sucks big time when I’m so close to finishing some books and not bothering to finish them. Ugh really annoying.

Ooh I spotted the cutie walked by me. I see her on the couch on her claimed blanket. Cutie looks cute aw.

I snatched the cutest cat ever for a hug. She was tolerant of my hug and kisses. She kissed me in response then got out of my arms and ran elsewhere. Aw what a cute kitten. I love that little bundle of fur too much. Aw.

I keep on hoping that some TV on HGTV channel would bore me enough to read a book or stop staring at the computer. Ugh. I'm not sure what's HGTV channel is airing this afternoon.
"House Hunters" I'm hearing via schizophrenia.
I hate that series like nuts. Yuck. Also hate "Love it or List it" because this gets the voice going with the results of the TV series. Yuck again.

Besides HGTV is airing "Flea Market Flip" marathons on TV this morning. I'm not entirely sure of when I'll go to a book or be bored of the HGTV channel.

I might go to E! Online channel and watch whatever trashy show is on there. I did that TV watching that channel a few times. Some of the shows on that channel are trashy but more amusing than the crummy house hunters crap I see on HGTV that bores me to tears.

Oh well spotted the cutest cat ever. I might as well go play games with the cutie then TV watch junk.

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March's Lioness

Mar. 2nd, 2016 | 01:28 pm
mood: amusedamused

Baby cute kitten cuddle bummed me during the night into the Tuesday's morning. Aw cute. She woke me up Tuesday morning by her grooming session as a result. I woke up via her vibrations to watch her groom herself. Cute I guess.

Speaking of the baby cute kitten she’s sitting on the armchair looking cute. Aw love that munchkin galore.

I’m like two hundred and sixteen pages away from finishing “Iced” in Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series. I can’t wait to finally finish that book to dump it back onto town library. I think it’ll be entertaining to finally get that book finished and dumped back.


Also haven’t started any other books despite finishing some of my multiple books I was on in progress of reading. It sucks big time when I haven’t started any of the books piled onto the TV’s table. Ugh it’s terrible big time when I do that lack of reading. Ugh again.

I wound up phoning mom around 7 p.m. last night. She made the call be an hour. Mom abruptly hung up the call at 8 p.m. without an explanation. Really rude! Also I suspect she’s gone to watch NBC’s “The Voice” ugh. New episodes of that was last night including tonight too. I skipped that TV show as a result.

I wound up watching “Supergirl” on CBS and then Ellen’s show involving furniture on HGTV followed by “Blindspot” on NBC.

Monday night was rather entertaining but I was anxious for bed when 11 p.m. rolled around. The noise in my head had gotten to the point that I didn’t feel like watching more TV instead I went to bed and slept the noise off.

Today I woke up around the six o’clock hour because of urges to pee. Its terrible big time so I crashed back into bed as a result and slept till like near eight thirty. Ugh.

Baby cutie wound up swatting my legs when I caught her clawing the armchair. She ran underneath the damn couch after I chased her around. Damn cat dumb cat dumb animal. Ugh I hate it when the kitty is being rude crude Gertrude. Ugh.

“Are you forgetting something?” I’m hearing from the schizophrenia.
Sometimes I hear “Forgetting some.”
Commentary over and over that this doesn’t make any sense at all. Ugh don’t get it anyway.

Baby munchkin played with a toy ball batting it including clawing that thing via back paws. She sure looked cute playing with that thing cute enough to snatch her cuteness up for a nice hug which I haven’t done yet. Pity me pity the kitty.

Aw baby cutie has gone to hide sitting on top of a plastic bag and looking cute tummy sitting. Aw what a cute baby kitten! Love that fur ball too much to slobber kisses onto her including hugging her too much to the point she starts to squirm. She’s so cute! Aw.

I wound up on the phone with mom around the nine o’clock morning hour till like forty minutes is when we both hung up.

I wound up onto the computer typing an entry into my computer journal out of needing to type something down. Plus I needed to get something to amuse myself and my typing urges. Ugh big time when I’m in a typing mood but my thoughts are what I could do. Ugh.

Baby cutie came by but ran off when I tried to snatch her up for a nice hug fest including slobbering kisses. She sucks big time when she runs off as a result. Ugh. I really love to pick up the baby cat for hugs and slobbering kisses. She’s so tolerant of those slobbering kisses and hugs. What a cute kitten.

I had a weird dream involving a cell phone or something not sure. I’m not even sure of what’s the point of that damned dream anyway. Ugh also wound up conversing with Maureen via text email on the cell phone while charging the cell phone via dream. Just don’t get it at all.

I’ve meant to go do laundry today but I’m not even sure if I should bother. I’m to see the gynecologist on Friday so I don’t know if I should bother washing my clothes today. Ugh means I’ll be out of clean clothes to wear by Friday. I would have to wear something already worn.


Also that Aveeno cream I put onto my hands smells some residue of something I don’t like. I don’t care for that stink. The nurse raved about that stuff as a result when I showed Aveeno cream to her. Ugh.

Anyway mom via phone talked about having me call Auntie Sandy today to find out her plans for tomorrow so we can have an outing. Ugh not entirely sure of that shitty outing when I’ve got a nurse’s visit that day.

I received an email from town library involving the book “Iced” and “Burned.” Both are due in a week’s time frame on the ninth. Ugh. I’ll have to finish “Iced” then after that see if I can check out “Burned” again. Ugh. Plus I started “Passion” by Lauren Kate that is the third book in the “Fallen series” yesterday. I’m determined to finish that book before it’s due whenever that due date is.

Ugh big time when I got due dates involving library books galore. Oh well. It stinks anyway.

Baby cutie was TV watching via my bedroom but now’s she’s gone elsewhere at the moment. I have no idea where the baby cat went off too. She’s so cute when cuddled into a nice hug fest and slobbered with kisses. I love that baby munchkin. Aw.

Baby bundle of fur was TV watching via my bedroom till she ran off. I wound up chasing her cuteness around. She’s so cute when chased around. Aw.

Sometimes I laugh when I chase the cutie around that she hides underneath my bed or the couch or the damn dresser. Damn cat always hiding like that galore. She’s so cute when she’s chased around including me chasing her for hug requests. What a cute kitten.

I think Friday is when I’ll be able to read and finish “Iced.” I’m not sure of Thursday because of an outing with whomever that day. I’m not sure of how much reading I’ll be able to do on Thursday. Ugh.

Thursday is when I’m to have lunch with Maureen. I’m not even sure if I would have an outing with Auntie Sandy and mom involving eating late in the afternoon. Ugh just don’t know of that shitty fact at all. It sucks.

Mom told me to phone Auntie Sandy which I did four times. Auntie Sandy was rude refusing to pickup the phone including disconnecting and ignoring her cell phone. Really annoying!

I had to leave a message onto Mom’s answering machine followed by a whining text email to her cell phone. I think later this afternoon is when she’ll get this text email I sent her. Ugh can’t wait anyway for her response.

I text emailed dad “You need cats feeding today?”
He replied with “No. How much I owe you?”
I said “$20 I think.”
He said “OK.”

I should have said thirty bucks but I’m not that greedy anyway. Its stinks big time when I’m not too greedy enough to bug dad with lots of money. Ugh oh well the money is involving me feeding his cats when he's not home to do that chore.

Baby cutie got onto my lap and tummy sat for an hour. I wound up snatching her cuteness up for a hug and kisses. She was so tolerant of the hugs and kisses. I like that involving the baby cute kitten so tolerant of my hugs fests and slobbering kisses. Aw cute!

Speaking of the baby cat she’s gone to the couch to tummy sit onto her blanket. She looks cute when her tummy sits onto her blanket. What a cute kitten!

I snatched the cutie up for a hug fest including kisses fest. She was so cute receiving the kisses and hugs. I love to hug and kiss the baby bundles of fur galore. She’s so cute! Aw what a cute baby kitten. Love, love that munchkin galore. She’s such a cutie aw.

I ought to ask town library for books by Cassandra Clare involving her Shadow hunters’ series. I liked to be able to read them all when I get the chance to do that reading. I figured it’ll be fun.

Problem is I’m stuck with reading Lauren Kate’s fallen series at the moment. Oh well. I figured I’ll just read what I can read via Kate’s series and just do that reading before the library’s due date.

Ugh don't have much to add but trying to read some books today especially library books. Its terrible when I don't bother to read much book wise when I'm stuck at home. I tend to TV watch too much for an afternoon including the junk on HGTV channel. Ugh.

I wouldn't mind not having cable or TV services but I don't know what I'll do without TV or computer. I think the schizophrenia would pick onto me if I don't have either. I wound up with neither one of them one day because of computer froze ups and cable service out. Ugh I think the schizophrenia wound up attacking me as a result of both being out of service. Ugh terrible big time.

I wound up coloring some pictures including taking a walk around the town in the pouring rain. Also I wound up forced to read "Torment" by Lauren Kate while I was home recovering from the voice's attack. Yuck.

It's terrible big time when I'm forced to use books to get the voice's attack gone from me. Ugh I used to use computers but since that hasn't been working I've been using Lauren Kate's Fallen series via library books to read and avoid the voice's attacking me further or scaring me further. Yuck again.

Also I noticed when I have heavy number two is when the voice sometimes attacks me. Sometimes I wound up with the voice attacking me during the day or afternoon because of me sick in the bathroom with heavy number two. Ugh. It stinks big time when I have to tolerate the inner noises by reading a book or focusing onto the computer.

I mostly book read instead when attacked by the voice during the time I get home. Just do the book reading fine but I don't bother with the computer very much. Just don't bother at all.

Also dad came over to my home late at night and fixed my cable service including my computer that was frozen. It was such a relief to get both fixed up. Yay! I wound up TV watching for an hour then I went to bed. Boy was I glad the cable service and computer was back in service. I was happy about that. Yay me! Jumping for joy actually!

Yay me!

The voice quit bothering me as a result involving the cable service out and my computer frozen. Ooh goody. Also I wound up happy to have both restored. Yahoo!

Don't have much mews to add. Just same old kitten business involving cats and my life.

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I'm stressed

Feb. 23rd, 2016 | 08:49 am
mood: awakeawake

Yesterday Dad balked taking me out to eat or anywhere. He was entertaining his friend with driving her around and baby sitting her dog. Ugh. Hence I went out for a walk by myself including to out to eat.

I wound up on Saturday going out to CVS for buying some stuff then I went home with the voice blaring loudly. It sucks big time when I'm always getting the voice on the way home attacking me. Yuck. Same old story involving the street I walk on that always gets the voice going like nuts including bothering my paranoia. Ugh.

Sunday I went out to eat with Dad. That was all dad was willing to do Sunday. He wasn't willing to drive me around anywhere else instead of that eatery outing. Ugh again.

Yesterday I noticed the day was nice and sunny so I wore my sweater jacket and walked outside. Big mistake! It was freezing cold outside and froze my hands off. Ugh. I wound up speed walking to a restaurant eatery to eat lunch. I brought along two books "Iced" by Karen Marie Moning which I didn't read. I did bring along "The 5th Wave" by Rick Yancey which I read a great deal of while I was waiting for food including eating my food.

After that I went to Dad's house to feed his furballs. Dad wasn't home as a result of driving his friend around who hurt her back. Ugh. I fed his kitties. Only one of the kitties was around for me to socialized. The others hid or went into hiding spots I noticed or stayed into Dad's bedroom like nuts. The cats stink big time.

After dad's house the voice attacked me so I went home and showered then I wound up trying to will aside the noises of my head and paranoia. I wound up typing an entry into my journal onto the computer. Just something to fill in my typing urges whenever the mood hits me enough to type something down. I tend to fill in my computer journal full of drivel or whatever crappy thought I'm thinking at the time. Just boring stuff.

Ugh. Mom played phone ignorance games onto me last night. She balked picking up the phone around the 6 p.m. hour or even around the 7 p.m. hour. This balking really annoyed me too much enough to get stressed out worried about her as a result.

Last night I was set to watch “Supergirl” on CBS when Mom took the most inappropriate opportunity to text email me. She hogged me onto the phone till like nine o’clock. I missed the rest of the episode of “Supergirl” like I’ve been missing lately. It's terrible big time when I can’t seem to get a chance to view that series or the episodes entirely very much thanks to Mom's rude phone ignorance of text emailing me at the 8 p.m. hour. Ugh.

Also the phone hogging annoyed me too much to the point of watching what’s left of Ellen’s show involving designing furniture. Ugh big time. Humph. Plus the schizophrenia is claiming that this designer named "Sef" would win the contest involving Ellen's show in designing furniture. Mostly saying who wins when the contest is on the TV and half right some of the time but other times wrong. This sucks.

Baby cutie wound up friendly with me this morning. I snatched her up for a nice hug. She was so tolerant of that hugged status. She’s so cute when she’s tolerant of the hugged status. She’s cute aw. Baby kitten was tolerant of the head rubs I gave her cuteness when I was hugging her. She was so tolerant aw. I love that bundle of fur too much to slobber kisses onto her including giving her lots of hugs. What a cute kitten aw.

I love my cute baby bundle of fur the baby cat galore. I love my baby kitten galore to slather kisses onto her cute furry face. I love to hug that baby cat into my arms. I love it when the baby cute kitten is sort of like a hot furry water bottle in my arms.

Speaking of books I’m on an apparent last section of “The 5th Wave” in that book. I’m not even sure if that section is the last section before the book ends. I’m not even sure of that fact. Oh well. I figured I’ll just keep on reading that book and hope to get the second book from town library. Ugh.

Also I hope to finish reading “Iced” by Karen Marie Moning. I haven’t been in the mood for that book but I’m hoping I can finish “Iced” before that book is due back at the town library. I do have the e-book version I need to get around to reading. Ugh again.

Plus I’ve checked out “Burned” by Karen Marie Moning that is the book after “Iced.” I read online claimed that “Iced” was ended into a cliffhanger or something so I checked out “Burned” just to read what’s left off in “Iced” then after that take a break from the series “Fever.”

I'm not even sure of what other books I should bother to read next. I figured "Assassin's Quest" by Robin Hobb that is a part of her Farseer trilogy. I figured I'll read that book next once I'm done with some books like "The 5th Wave." Humph.

Also I got online Good Reads and for some stupid reason the website warped onto me that I can't seem to get it back to normal. I don't get it the warped situation. This annoyed me too much to avoid going back onto Good Reads' website.

I tried Shelfari but that website wasn't working for me. I gave up as a result and went with a microsoft word program instead. Just using that to register books I've read and finished this year. I do have a goal of finishing one hundred books but I'm slow with that goal actually. Ugh.

Also with Shelfari and Good Reads' not working left me stressed out a bit on trying to register books I've read this year. I figured that the Microsoft word program will do than either website while I go around reading books. Ugh.

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