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Nov. 24th, 2015 | 08:58 pm
mood: aggravatedaggravated

Cute baby kitten is so cute when cuddled into a nice hug fest. She’s so cute when she cuddle bums me in the morning. I like to wake up to the cutest cat ever cuddling me. She’s cute. Baby bundles of fur wound up sitting onto my front this morning onto her butt and just sat. Aw cute. I petted her cuteness galore for awhile. She was tolerant and friendly with that but mostly sat onto her butt onto my front. Aw what a cute kitten.

I wound up finding Eddie arrived into here to clean the bathroom. I managed to clean as much of the spilled kitty litter but Eddie didn’t find it a good job. Ugh. Also he was unbelieving when I said I vacuumed. Ugh forced myself to vacuum as a result after emptying out the canister in the dumpster.

Oh I’ve meant to toss out some expired food but I haven’t bothered yet. It sucks.

Also TV bored me with the presidential press conference with France’s President. I skipped that and went to E’s “Botched.” I saw what’s left of that including CBS’s local news. I skipped their soaps. I wound up watching more of “Botched” till like 1:50 p.m. is when I went to NBC. “Botched” was boring me actually.

I saw what was left of a tabloid TV show then watched more of NBC’s show Meredith’s talk show.

Anyway during “Botched” I wound up reading an e-book “The Black Knight” by Connie Mason. I thought the book was pretty sexy and too sexy for my taste. I didn’t agree with the sexual crap in it. I think the story should be focused onto the medieval tale than on sex this and sex that involving a couple. It sucks. Hence I rated this story four stars online Shelfari. I didn’t rate it anymore than that.

Also I finished “The Black Knight” e-book. Yay! The finishing of “The Black Knight” made it my seventy sixth books finished this year. Ooh goody.

At least I’ll have beaten my goal of seventy five books. I considered going for books number eighty but I’m not entirely sure of that. Plus last year I finished ninety three books. I’m no where near that goal to finish that amount of books before the year is over with. I’m hoping to try to reach eighty books and see how it goes.

I think Meredith’s show is getting joked involving matchmaking. It sucks big time when her show doesn’t help gays/lesbians find love. It’s the same for the lunatic’s three o’clock show. He won’t do anything for gays/lesbians to find love or get makeovers for love. Its terrible big time when I hate that guy’s show as a result. Yuck.

Ugh. I snatched the cutest cat ever for a hug fest. She was cutely tolerant of that hugged status. Aw kitty kissed me in response. I gave her cuteness kisses in response to that. She’s such a cute kitten when kissed and hugged. Love to hug and kiss the baby cutie. Aw Cute.

My appetite for food today was lousy. I woke up near 9 a.m. and took a shower. Then after that Mom text emailed me to phone her. I wasn’t able to eat anything for breakfast. Mom did ask me via phone what I’ve eaten.
I didn’t want to admit I didn’t eat yet to her via phone so I said “Reese’s Cup candy.” Ugh. Mom was pretty critical of my eating chocolate for breakfast. It sucked.

After the phone call which ended around 10 a.m. I wound up finally eating some food with my pills. It bugs me big time when my morning times involving my pills are all over the place. Not at eight o’clock sharp as hoped. It’s terrible big time anyway.

Anyway I wound up waiting for Eddie to leave to eat some food for lunch. I didn’t have much for lunch. Just some ice cream with some toppings including waiting for Eddie’s further arrival to get the picture of Grandparents hung. Ugh. Then after that I ate three sticks of cheese. I hate it when my appetite for regular food wasn’t there at all.

Also I’ve been sick in the bathroom with multiple number twos. It stinks when the sickness is getting the tinnitus involved to be noisy at the moment. Yuck.

Hence I avoiding watching what’s left on HGTV channel and went to the lunatic’s TV show. I gave up onto watching “House Hunters Renovation” on HGTV channel. I don’t care for that TV show anyway.

Also I’m trying to find an excuse to focus onto the TV but I prefer to type onto the computer than doing much TV watching. It stinks when I prefer TV to typing stuff down.

“Are you forgetting something?” blared the schizophrenia.
This question hit when I was in the bathroom processing number two. The voice annoys me big time when I’m processing that via my body. Yuck.

Also I’m expecting to phone mom at 6 p.m. tonight for a daily phone call. Mom did tell me via phone she might get extra overtime hours today. Mostly she claims that because of the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday that’s bound to cause a rush of people buying food to celebrate the holiday on Thursday.

It’s terrible big time when I have to avoid grocery shopping this week because of that holiday rush in stores. It sucks further when I have to avoid shopping in retail stores because of the crowds and holiday shoppers rushing to buy stuff via deals of discounts including gifts for people too.


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I finished a book

Nov. 24th, 2015 | 02:26 pm
mood: thankfulthankful

More like an e-book of "The Black Knight" by Connie Mason. I finished that e-book because I was bored of the TV. TV was preempting regular programs with the presidential talk boring me to tears actually. Hence I half paying attention to the TV while reading my book via e-reader.

I liked the book "The Black Knight" to rate it four stars along Shelfari. I didn't favor that book because of how sexy it was. I thought the book was pretty good story wise for a medieval but not with too much sex in it. Oh well.

Anyway I wound up vacuuming today while Eddie cleaned the bathroom. He came back later today and hung my picture of my Grandparents onto the wall. Nice of him. At least the picture is hung. Ooh goody.

Last night I started reading "Prince of Dreams" by Lisa Kleypas a historical novel involving London, England. I thought the novel would be entertaining so I wound up reading it last night with the cutest cat asleep on my lap. Cutesy cat wound up snoozing onto my lap for hours. Cute of her. Aw.

Ugh I'm thankful that I don't have to spend Thanksgiving at Gramma's house anymore. That house wound up sold to a family and should be good memories for it. Mom whines via phone of having bad memories with that house and couldn't wait to get rid of it. It sucks.

Baby cutie wound up hiding when I vacuumed around here including running to hide from the noisy thing when I used it in the bedroom. Poor kitty hates the noise of that thing. Poor cute baby kitten.

Don't have much to add. Just stuck home TV watching out of boredom.

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Today's Mews

Nov. 22nd, 2015 | 07:49 pm
mood: coldcold

I didn't go out at all. I only went to the mailbox to get my mail. That was it. I wasn't in the mood to go out for a walk today despite the nice sunny weather. It's terrible when all I do is stay home and hardly go out for walks very much. Ugh.

It's terrible when all I do at home is watch too much junk on cable TV. Like this movie "Aeon Flux" with actress Charlize Theron. I thought the movie was pretty good despite already seeing it via either VCR or DVD. I know dad has the movie at his house without the commercials in it. I saw that movie and thought it was pretty good enough to be good for a book or a TV series.


Anyway I'm just surprised that the SYFY channel wound up airing that movie for two hours on cable channel. Mostly from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. I don't get it how bad that movie did in theaters. I guess that movie was only involving the science fiction cable channel. Not entirely sure of that. It sucks.

Also I wound up sweating too much while watching the movie enough to get the voice going and getting my paranoia off the charts. Ugh. I thought I was hungry so I ate some food. Then at five o'clock took my daily Geodon pill for the voices to shut up. The Geodon shouldn't be a problem for the voices to shut up soon I'm hoping.

Also I wound up text emailing Mom "Its Beth. Its 5:40 p.m. Home awaiting your text for phoning tonight."
Ugh. Not entirely sure if I'll wait till six o'clock to ring mom up via phone or wait till she bothers to text email me in response to my text email.

It's terrible having to sit around waiting forever for anything like a text email while suffering from a noisy head. The noises in my head has turned to gibberish at the moment. I hope the voice goes away tonight or I'm going to be stuck onto the computer for a few hours tonight reading and editing muse talk while trying to get out of the voice's chattering noise.

It sucks but further mews.

I wound up onto the phone with Mom for over an hour. Mostly around that time. I managed to cool down enough to avoid aggravating the schizophrenia and the paranoia. So that's good. I was thinking of taking a nice warm shower tonight if I couldn't cool down from my aggravations. I think being on the phone helped. It was nice chatting with mom via phone.

Anyway cute baby kitten wound up sleeping on my lap during a bit of the movie on TV. I wound up watching a movie on cable TV with the cutest cat ever asleep on my lap. I snapped two photos of her sleeping like a cutie on my lap. She was appearing to want a nice warm lap to warm herself while snoozing. Poor kitty had to put up with me removing her an hour later because I had to eat. Sucks big time.

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Nov. 21st, 2015 | 11:38 am
mood: workingworking

Story Ideas

Story one
Ancient Greece, vampire, during Caesar times Fan fiction to “Acheron” by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Alien planetary world full of ancients Humans involving Greece as an island continent Europe, island continent Australia, island continent North America. Atlantis like planetary world but primitive and ancient Greece like. Human female from planet Earth time travels to alien planet back when planet is active or dying. Planet is possibly Mars that takes off to Earth erasing everything on the planet to put onto Earth. Mars appears dead to Earth natives with nothing on it as a result of deadened status by the ancient Humans living on it. Fan fiction to “Household Gods” by Judith Tarr and Harry Turtledove. Vampires live on the planet only preying onto the Humans via nighttimes. Sort of like “Demon Cycle” by Peter V. Brett’s series. Mars colonized before Earth gets colonized. Mars having ancient oceans and island continents colonized by Humans as their home. Earth at the time wound up having hostile life like dinosaurs and one continent before turning into multiple continents hence Humans not colonizing Earth yet. Ancient Mars is like mysterious island of Atlantis. Mysterious to the Humans on Earth who forget about colonizing Mars. Bullet guns used as weapons among Humans on Earth. More like lasers but shaped like projectile guns. Shields done used onto cities to protect from weather ailments of super storms like hurricanes, heavy rain storms and snowy weather. Guardian towers siren alert of natives of bad stormy weather arriving. Cities are island cities with shields or space ships that landed onto Mars to extend like an Automobile robot into a big city. Sort of folds up into a space ship to raise into the air from the ground of Mars to go to Earth once Earth shows habitable life on it including new continents. Space ships once arriving to Earth land onto ground forming cities. Except Earth’s nature destroys the cities and space ships leaving Humans forced to rebuild using Earth’s materials used in nature.

Story Two
Haunted house a mansion in a small down in Connecticut that is rural holds ghosts that can become solids at will by mental abilities. Kids dare each other to go into house to put flag out attic’s window or top most window. Kids sometimes are allowed to put the flag out of the attic’s window by ghosts who ignore them and sometimes scare them out of the house if they think their going to be annoying. Ghosts are three brothers who are trapped in the house by something keeping them there. One kid gets allowed to enter house to put flag out the attic’s window after overhearing kid bullied into doing it. Kid is Katherine whom kids don’t treat rightly instead bully her into doing things inappropriate. Katherine goes up the attic and puts flag out the window then goes out of the house. Ghosts eavesdrop onto kids tormenting Katherine as in bullying her to go back into house and spend night into there. Katherine doesn’t agree but kids torment her into doing that sleeping over. She goes into house and sleeps overnight with ghosts not bothering her instead sympathetic to her being bullied. Ghosts find themselves watching over Katherine as one the youngest brother Patrick cuddles Katherine into some warming status while she’s freezing in the bedroom. She falls asleep and doesn’t wake up till sunlight is blaring into house with ghosts hidden. Katherine leaves house to go home finding cops there who scold her for causing her father a fright of not coming home or finding her found. Katherine realizes that the kids did a trick onto her as in making her stay the night in the house while making her father worry about her including having her father call cops. Katherine is allowed home which her father is furious with her and grounds her into her room after school for a monthly stay for that trick. Katherine finds the kids don’t seem remorseful for their trick instead keeps on bullying her. She focuses onto her studies as a result and tries to get out of the town of Lynnville in the state of Connecticut. Katherine gets smart enough to get a scholarship to a college in a major city in Connecticut. Moves away and leaves her father living in Lynnville alone. Katherine focuses onto her college studies at Yale University. She graduates after four years there. Her father sees her graduate in New Haven. Then her father goes home to Lynnville to retire. Katherine doesn’t forget the bullying instead avoids Lynnville and doesn’t return till her father’s doctor sends her a phone call that he’s sick in the hospital on his deathbed. Katherine visits father in hospital in Terryville another city that has a hospital nearby Lynnville. Her father reveals a secret involving the haunted mansion in the town of Lynnville belongs to a family that had triplet brothers that mysteriously went missing during great flood of the fifties. Brothers weren’t seen again despite the family having three additional kids and still living in mansion. The mother declared crazy for seeing her triplets alive and fully grown men hanging around her. The mother wound up put into an insane asylum and died into there. Katherine is wondering why her father is telling her that story as her father adds talking about the three brothers didn’t really die instead changed forms into something else like ghosts with forms that could change to become solids at will. Katherine wonders what’s going on with her father who adds sounding out of it that the three brothers favored him and his family when he stayed in the house out of moving into town and didn’t have anybody to stay with. The three brothers allowed him and his young daughter Katherine to stay into the house for awhile while finding lodgings in town. Katherine thinks her father has gone lunatic but remembers her time sleeping in the house to realize one time of freezing cold only to feel warmth of a blanket put onto her including lying onto a chest that felt masculine to realize that her father’s story is correct. She feels ranges of emotions hitting her as her father dies and she gets him cremated and ashes scattered over the river in town. Katherine goes back to town to live in the house her father lives in finds he left himself in terrible debt of paying for her college’s education when she thought it was a scholarship. She realizes that her father really loves her and paid for her college’s education at Yale University instead of having a scholarship as she thought. Katherine finds she has no choice but to sell the house and everything in it for paying off the college’s loan and bank’s insisting on having its money back. She finds the bank is owned by one of her bullies as a kid who insists on having money back or else and is still keeping the bullying behavior onto her. Katherine sells the house and everything as a result then goes to the haunted mansion to live in despite the house has fallen in disrepair. She finds herself handy in fixing up the house’s inner workings such as bathrooms and bedrooms while finding nothing to indicate of the ghosts in the house. Katherine’s fixing up is noticed by the ghosts especially Patrick who likes her enough to support her. Katherine fixes up the house and uses left over money from selling her father’s house to pay debts into fixing up the house’s outer shape. She finds that the town’s people are curious to why she’s fixing up the house despite it haunted when she visits a general store for buying stuff. The salesclerk is a female one of her bullies’ sisters who is friendly with her and finds out that Katherine is fixing up the house for living in. One of the bullies full grown finds out from sister running general store starts bullying Katherine again with sabotage done onto her fixing up the house. Such as cutting pipes and graffiti spray paint and making holes in walls. Ghosts aren’t amused to that sabotage tries to fight the male doing it off out of their house. Ghosts find they can’t fight male alone. Katherine has to fight with them. Katherine fights off the bully by confronting him in his store who’s not remorseful instead comments that the house should be burned down. Katherine buys stuff out of town in Terryville mostly stuff for further fixing up the house including an alarm system alerting her of intruders. The bully tries to enter her house for further sabotage but Katherine’s alarm system alerts her of that intruding and arrives home to find the bully trying to set her house on fire by gasoline piled onto walls. She feels annoyed tells off bully with a firm tone that he’s immature and haven’t grown up. Bully refuses to grow up instead punches her out and sets the house on fire with gasoline. House burns with firefighters arriving to put out. Katherine gets arrested for burning the house by cops who blame her for that because of the bully is better known among town and a politician’s son running for mayor. Katherine spends time in jail wondering what will get people to see her as worthy and not for bullying. Cops arrive and get her out of jail as a result and she sees bully in the precinct looking nervous who admits to her that he burned the house and punched her in the face during the process. Bully gets taken away to jail as Katherine returns to house intending to fix it up only to find it’s completely burned down and nothing in its place. She’s homeless now. Former bully that owns the bank allows Katherine to live in her father’s house debt free without paying bills or anything which she does. She wonders what’s with the change of behavior with the bully that burned down her mansion’s house including the banker. Katherine gets an answer one night while lying in her father’s room in bed. She’s lying in bed thinking to herself when bright lights shine into her room revealing the three brothers she’s shocked to see via ghostly forms becomes solid. Brothers via Patrick admit to her that Patrick got caught in the flooded river bullied into swimming it via bullies who insisted onto him and wasn’t able to swim so other brothers threw themselves into the water to save him and all three wound up drowned as a result. They wound up stuck in the house as a result. Brothers admit that the bully who taunted them into swimming the river was the politician running for Mayor who didn’t seem remorseful for that taunting when they confronted him via ghosts forms in the mansion as in him sleeping over on a dare. The politician wound up later scared into quitting the bullying behavior by the brothers bullying him with ghostly tactics while in the house sleeping overnight. The politician is why he got his own son to admit the crime he did to their house bullying Katherine including burning the house via gasoline fire arson. Cops did arrest the son as a result which the politician is using the excuse of bullying as a reason why he’s running for Mayor to see that no one in town suffers that again. Katherine frowns as the brothers adds via Patrick that the Politician’s wife was a witch who did some spell work onto the brothers and trapped them into the house to teach her husband a lesson that bullying wasn’t good including ordering that her son will burn down the house freeing them from their trapped status. Her son wound up burning down the house unknowingly the curse will lift onto the brothers freeing them from their trapped status as a result. The brothers two of them leave via bright lights shining onto them and turning into winged angels. The third brother Patrick remains and sits on the bed holding onto Katherine’s hand gently kisses it and then she doesn’t protest to that as Patrick gets up and gets called into heaven by becoming an angel whom she watches goes away. Katherine smiles seeing she’s gotten an answer to her problem involving bullying and finds her life in Lynnville much better without former kids’ bullies bullying her instead treating her nicely like she wanted to be treated and she stays in town acting as a counselor to the only school in town to help kids avoid bullying.

Story Three
Ancient well holding water or various items is declared haunted by people who claim to hear noises from it. Girl wound up like Cinderella living in a small room in the kitchen and slave to her stepmother and stepsister. Stepsister is bigger than girl almost big as a male and makes girl does things like serve her despite using threats of fists. Girl obeys to the stepsister’s orders despite threatened to be fisted. Modern day tale. Girl lives in mudroom of a house. Stepmother fancies after a male whose rich and wants him as her husband. Girl’s father is dead via poisoning of stepmother. Stepmother pursues the male for husband on her mind. Male balks accepting her request instead tells her off that he’s marrying someone else. Stepmother gets mad wound up poisoning male who falls into ancient well in his backyard said to be haunted after drinking the poisoned wine the stepmother gives him in her presence. Male breaks the cover of the ancient well. No water this time but a dry well and falls into it. Stepmother produces documents to the police that the male had her married to him the previous day. She gains his fortune as a result including his house and ancient well. Girl wound up trying to prove the male was murdered. Girl gets tossed into ancient well with cover removed on stepmother’s orders. Girl falls into ancient well. Lands onto bottom to discover light sorts of glowing balls and meets the ancient well’s inhabitants. Inhabitants are manoids that are slightly human but more demons like with demon’s points on their heads like a deer and all black eyes and clawed hands. The demons show her the male they saved from poisoning and fall into well. Male is more demon like from demon’s blood into him gives him golden eyes like the demons. Girl lives with the demons as a result but finds the demons seemed to have cut underground city in the ancient well’s water ways and is currently living there. Girl finds demons don’t seem interested into going up to the surface instead prefers to live underground instead and use whatever’s trashed into well to live off of. Girl finds herself turning demonic by finding her hands becoming clawed and feeling points of horns coming out of the tops of her head like deer. She realizes with a start that the well is magical and involves people changing to live underground tries to get back to the surface of the well but finds the demons don’t seem interested into helping her. Instead thwart her efforts to gain a way to the surface by telling her off that people falling into well have become one of them and is compelled to live underground. She finds compulsion hitting her one day after dreaming of her reaching the surface to find the house gone and burned like in a fire and finds nothing in sight to survive. Girl wound up forced to live underground becoming demonic via the magical powers done onto her.

Story four
To be determined.

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Mews this week

Nov. 21st, 2015 | 09:55 am
mood: aggravatedaggravated

Wednesday's attack of schizophrenia caused me to goof off on the dryer again. It sucked big time when I wound up forgetting to press the button to the dryer to make it run. Ugh. Its twice I’ve forgotten that due to distractions. Ugh again.

Also I wound up staying up till like 10 p.m. is when I quit for bed. I wound up staying in bed for like almost twelve hours. Mostly slept till like 9:30 a.m. is when I woke up after a weird dream. Ugh don’t remember what’s the weird dream is about. Oh well.

Baby cute kitten was cute Wednesday night. She got onto my lap and fell asleep while I was reading a book “Jared” book two of the Shadow Wranglers’ series by Sarah McCarty. I mostly left the TV on blaring while reading that book. Mostly I left the TV onto HGTV channel as a result. It was airing a rerun so I read “Jared” till like near 9 p.m. is when there was a new episode onto that channel.

Anyway cutie got off my lap as a result and ran elsewhere. I wound up watching the new episode of “Property Brothers” on HGTV at 9 p.m. It was an entertaining episode I guess. It shouldn’t be a problem to keep on watching that channel occasionally when I get the chance.


Thursday I started taking two hormone pills at the same time for breakfast. It sucks to do that but at least I ate some food with that too.

My period started again as a result hence I figured I’ll just take two of those hormone pills for awhile as instructed by the doctor via the letter I received. Ugh sounds nice.

I have quite a splitting headache at the moment. Really don’t feel good. Ugh. I don’t even know if the headache is from the extra hormone pill I took or the damn cold in here. Its terrible big time when I’m not sure of which.

Plus I text emailed the nurse about when to expect her for a visit. It sucks big time when I’m not even sure of the time’s she’s coming to see me today. Ugh.

The calendar has a marking of her visiting me Thursday. I’m just not entirely sure if she’s really coming to visit me or she’s going to ring my doorbell without giving me a response. She did that doorbell ringing before without giving me a response. I’m just not even sure of what’s going on with her. Ugh again.

I stirred up some dust around here rotating some American girl dolls around here. One doll Grace was really dusty. Ugh had to open the window for an hour just to air out the dust. It sucked big time I guess.

Anyway I put cutie onto the window and she seemed to like the open window. Enjoyed herself and sniffing her cute little nose off. Aw cute. What a cute kitten she is. Aw.

I put away Grace Doll and replaced her with a new version of Samantha doll I got in the mail today. Yay! Also the new version of Samantha was wearing a pink dress and matched the pink of my cabbage patch doll. Seems cute I guess.

I wound up putting away that older version of Samantha doll into the closet. Not into a box but into the closet with my other dolls. I put in her place on my computer’s desk was my Marie Grace doll. I thought her pink clothes would do to match the other dolls I got on display into the living room. Seems good I guess.

I put away my Native American doll Kaya and mini doll with her in the same box. I got fed up with staring at the doll so I exchanged her for Saige the American girl doll of the year either 2013 or 2012 not sure which. Plus I considered taking out Julie doll or Kit doll but decided on Saige doll. I haven’t really taken Saige out of the box since I’ve gotten that doll in the mail awhile ago. I thought I would display that doll. The displaying seems nice. Also Saige is wearing blue my favorite color so I thought I would go with a blue colored theme into my bedroom. My blanket is blue so thought it’ll be nice to have a doll with that color displayed onto a bookshelf. I still have to figure out what other dolls to put away or keep on displaying. Ugh.

I still got other colored dolls in my bedroom on display I have to figure out what to do with them. Either display them or stuff them into the closet. Just I am seeing what I can do with those dolls. Those dolls are teddy bear, stuffed animals and cabbage patch dolls including some eBay purchased American girl dolls I bought I haven’t put away in awhile. Oh well.

“Its beth. Its 5:30. Despite weather text me u home safe for night. Home for evening.” my text email.
Ugh just going to be quite anxious on not hearing from Mom. Its terrible big time when I get anxious as a result. Ugh. Also the weather is stormy that night so I doubt that mom will be talkative via phone.

I got to ask Eddie to bring some nails for nailing up my picture of my Grandparents. I like to have that picture hung on the wall. Just don’t like the picture sitting on top of my bookcase. Prefer it to be hung. I figured on Monday I’ll ask Eddie about hanging it if I remember to do that asking. Ugh.

Monday is when I go to lunch with Maureen at McGrane’s. It’ll be entertaining I guess eating lunch with Maureen and Eddie. I wouldn’t mind anyway the Thanksgiving themes at the restaurant. It’ll be fun I guess eating what I can eat and just making sure its something else than my regular foods I normally ask for. Perhaps I’ll ask for turkey sandwich and eat that other than a cheese sandwich. It sucks big time when I’m not even sure of what to eat at McGrane’s with Maureen that is a part of the Thanksgiving holiday. Oh well.

I took out Kirsten and Julie and put them with Saige. I took out Isabelle and put her with the new Samantha doll. I moved two cabbage patch dolls. I preferred to display more of my American girl dolls than any other dolls like cabbage patch or stuffed toys. It sucks big time when I wound up stirring up dust as a result of moving dolls around. Ugh.

Also meant to phone mom but not entirely sure if I can talk to her via phone tonight. It sucks because of the terrible weather making it nutty to use phones around here. Ugh.

Ugh ranged mom around 6 p.m. I tried to leave a message onto her answering machine.
“Hi Mom its Beth. Its 6 p.m. Regardless of weather just text email me that your home safe for the night.”
Mom picked up when operator tried to leave my message. Ugh yay. I wound up on the phone for almost thirty minutes till she whined of the bathroom and hung up. She did tell me to call her back at 7 p.m.
I told Mom “Why don’t you text email me instead?”
She agreed as a result and hung up.

Anyway I wound up changing channels to HGTV intending to watch something on HGTV but I got to pay attention to the cell phone for mom’s text email. It sucks big time to sit around waiting forever for Mom’s damned text email. Yuck.

Plus I got to do some dusting around here. Mostly I using those cloths that Maureen gave me. I noticed that the bookcase where I’ve got the American girl dolls Samantha and Isabelle is dusty. Yuck. I figured tomorrow I’ll dust that thing including doing some well deserved dusting all over the place. Maybe do some vacuuming too. It shouldn’t be a problem for me to clean around here.

Baby cute kitten’s gone to the couch to sit and snooze, like a cute kitten she is. She’s so cute when she snoozes onto the couch like a cutie. I like the baby cat when she’s cuddled into my arms and hugged galore. She’s really cute on being hugged when I hug her. She’s tolerant.

I’ve been tempted to tuck cutie underneath my sweatshirt as pestered by the schizophrenia. The schizophrenia has been bothering me to do that tucking in the cat underneath my sweatshirt and keep her there. It sucks big time when I wound up with this as a result. Ugh.

I know if I tuck Sam underneath my sweatshirt without any protection to my skin she’ll scratch galore. It sucks.

Also the schizophrenia has been pestering me to tuck Sam underneath my sweatshirt as in trapping her there with coverage for my bare skin. Including going around in public with her trapped in my sweatshirt while out walking around. It sucks big time when I’m tempted to haul her around public like a stuffed toy or something for amusing myself when I’m out and about town. It sucks when I get this, ideas by the schizophrenia. Yuck.

Just don’t care for that trapping the cat underneath my sweatshirt and receive scratches for that onto my bare skin. It sucks when I get ideas to do that and temptations by the schizophrenia bugging me to do that trap onto my poor kitty. Yuck again.

I ranged mom around the 7 p.m. time frame as asked by her. I received ignorance according to the operator. Really mom! Pick up the phone or text email me with mews on why you got phone call short tonight. It’s rude mom! Humph! I swear that stormy weather is hitting hence mom’s phone ignorance onto me. Really rude of mom to pull this onto me! Ugh.

Plus HGTV is boring me with “House Hunters." It’s boring me to tears actually. I don’t care for that TV series at the moment. Just don’t at all. Yuck.

I switched channels to something else and found the movie “Thor.” I figured I’ll watch that till like 8 p.m. is when the movie is over. Just have to put up with the commercials involving that movie airing onto that channel. It sucks big time I guess.

Anyway I ought to figure out how to set up the DVD player onto the computer so I can watch movies onto there including DVDS of “Smallville” and DVDS of “Thor” movie. I think I’ve got the DVD of “Thor” movies but I’m not entirely sure of that. I’ll have to take inventory of my movies I’ve got on hand and same for TV series. Ugh.

Humph wound up text emailed by mom. I wound up on the phone with Mom for twenty minutes till she whined of wanting to go read a book. We both hung up as a result.

I went to resume watching “Thor.” I missed the important parts I cared about. It sucked big time I guess. Oh well. I think I’ve got the DVD of that movie around here somewhere. Plus my cable service keeps on winking out whenever I view that “Thor” movie including that cable channel. Yuck same for the commercials too. Ugh.

At least the winking out of the cable service quit when I went to view the ending parts of the movie “Thor.” It’s good I guess. I got to view the movie’s ending. Seems nice I guess. Oh well.

Anyway I sorted through some videos of mine. I figured I’ll give them to mom and have her enjoy them. It’ll be fun I guess for mom to view movies via videos great fun. Anyway I got exhausted because I found my “Thor” DVD among the junk in my videos and DVDs. Plus I’m stirring up loads of dust around here. It sucks big time when I got a dusty apartment including sinuses aggravated in the morning.

I doubt that my kitty would like that dust stirring up. It sucks when she and I will get aggravated allergies in the morning. Ugh.

Baby cute kitten’s gone to play bat the ball games with herself. Cute I guess. I like it when she’s active playing with herself. It’s rather entertaining seeing her cuteness entertain herself with games by herself. She’s cute when she plays games. Aw cute.

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Nov. 15th, 2015 | 01:07 pm
mood: reading

I went to the library last week. I was itching for a book so I checked out "Devil in winter" by Lisa Kleypas. The book is a part of her Wallflower series and a part of her historical series. I felt like reading her historicals so I did that.

Also her historical series is being read out of order. Mostly via what the library has of her historical series actually. Hence I reading the series involving her historicals out of order. I could have gone with the order of when the books were published but I didn't bother because the library didn't have all the books. They only had a few historicals on hand.

The library had more contemporary present day books by Lisa Kleypas than her historicals. It sucks big time when I preferred Kleypas's historicals to her present day contemporaries. Ugh.

Also asked the library for a millionth time "Price of dreams" by Lisa Kleypas. I'm annoyed that the library is rather lazy on getting me that book despite me repeatedly asking them for it. It sucks big time when their slow on getting me books. Ugh.

I started reading “Devil in winter” by Lisa Kleypas a historical novel involving England while in the car ride to grocery shop. Sounds good to me I guess. I wouldn’t mind the contents of the book. Just as long as I read what I can read and have fun with that reading. Plus I was craving wanting to read something by Lisa Kleypas so I picked that book as a result.

I wound up picking up for fifty cents “Labyrinth” by Kate Mosse at the library. I thought the book would be interesting. Besides I’ve been admiring that book via town library’s bookstore enough to want to get that. So I got it for Maureen. I thought Maureen would enjoy that book. I already told her via email of getting that book for her. So she'll see it on Monday.

I also got a third book a library book for a month’s loaner. Yay me but sounds good I guess. It shouldn’t be a problem for me to read that books. It's a book basis of a BBC series. Seems interesting I guess. I felt like checking that book out so I did.

Anyway yesterday I wound up sitting in my lounge chair and read a book "Devil in Winter" for two hours or around that time. Baby cute kitten chose the opportunity to get onto my lap for a snooze. She acted like a hot water bottle that warmed my thighs and warmed me up while I read "Devil in winter." I read that book till the lights got too bad for me to read. Ugh.

I think the bad lightening caused the schizophrenia to blare annoyingly. It sucked big time when the schizophrenia started to annoy me around four thirty in the evening. I had to remove cutie then go eat some food. After that around 5 p.m. I took my dinner pill for the schizophrenia followed by watching TV. I think I've read an enough of Lisa Kleypas's book yesterday that I don't feel up to reading it today.

I've got via e-reader the e-book "The Black Knight" by Connie Mason. I'm just reading that e-book on and off when I feel up to it. Just something to read via e-reader.

I don't have very many e-books via e-reader I like to read. Most of the e-books are already read books I've gotten the electronic versions of. I don't have very many unread e-books at the moment. I do have lots of paper books I have yet to read. I have to figure out when to get around to reading those paper books. Ugh again.

Anyway I aim to keep on reading books paper or electronic the best I can.

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Nov. 15th, 2015 | 07:44 am
mood: tiredtired

Just tired this morning. I stayed up late as 11 p.m. or around that time. I wound up waking up multiple times for stuff including giving kitty attention when she sat on my front. Ugh.

I woke up this morning due to loud tinnitus. Ugh. I couldn't sleep some more because of the noise in my head. I guess that today was sunny that motivated me to stay awake. Its good weather for walking around. I wouldn't mind.

I meant to go do laundry but I don't want to bother today. Prefer a weekday instead to do laundry. Prefer that instead. It sucks when today's a weekend and I want to do laundry but I don't feel up to it. Ugh.

Just might as well go take a nap later when I feel up to it. Ugh.

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Just tired.

Nov. 10th, 2015 | 03:53 pm
mood: tiredtired

I'm just tired today. I woke up at the wee hours of the morning for bathroom. Too much water I guess. It's terrible to have interrupted sleep.

I wound up sleeping with my electric blanket on me with the cutest cat cuddle bumming me. Cutie sat onto my front this morning after I put her down onto me. She licked my face galore. Cute aw. Love that bundle of fur too much. Love to hug her into hugs. She's cutely tolerant of those huggy statuses from me.

I did laundry today but could only wash my clothes. I was out of quarters for laundry for the dryer. I was supposedly have two dollars and seventy five cents left but I found a dollar missing from my quarters' purse. It's terrible big time when I blame people for my lack of quarters. Such as blaming Mom for stealing my quarters including blaming myself for not calculating the quarters' amount properly. Ugh.

Also I wound up bored to tears so I did laundry out of needing something to do.
I did text email Dad "How are u? Doing laundry in laundry room."
Dad didn't help matters at all with his text email response "At Center Subaru. Sorry you are bored."
Ugh it's terrible when today's weather is bad with rain and leaves me inside a lot as a result hence my boredom to do laundry. Ugh.

I could have gone out for a walk but I don't want to fight the rainy weather and get wet myself. Ugh. Plus Dad's busy at the car repair shop for his car hence he meant "Center Subaru." His car is getting repaired. It's always getting repaired. Ugh swear that Dad spends more hours driving that car than he does at home entertaining the cats of his. It sucks.

Also my paranoia has been a bit aggravated today by me sick in the bathroom with lots of number two. I swear the chocolate I ate on Saturday and Sunday is catching up with me and making me sick in the bathroom. Hence my noisy head and aggravated paranoia. Ugh.

Really annoying when I'm stuck typing onto the computer my thoughts than anything involving muse talk. It sucks big time when I can't seem to be typing anything new involving muse talk and can only recycle stories over and over. Ugh. Not what I had in mind to do involving my writings. Ugh.

Ugh can't wait to get the phoning with mom over with tonight so I can relax and watch the junk on HGTV channel for a few hours then crash into bed. I can't wait for this damned sickness involving me sick in the bathroom to blow over so I can avoid aggravating my paranoia and the voice to chant. Really don't like that noise or my aggravations today. Yuck.

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Yesterday's blues and today's mews

Nov. 10th, 2015 | 03:17 pm
mood: aggravatedaggravated

My computer crashed while I was online chatting with Maureen. Ugh.

Also wound up sleepy as a result despite the voice chattering a bit. It sucks big time when I wound up with the noisy head as a result. I suspect this noise is related to me needing to go number two in the bathroom. Ugh.

I don’t even know if I need a nap or not. I’m just tired at the moment. Mostly I slept some hours with interruptions for bathroom so that should be an enough hours of sleep without the napping today. Ugh.

Also my head’s been pretty noisy at the moment since I woke up this morning and had to go shower. Ugh. Same for the pills I had to take too. Ooh, don’t know if that noise is related to me being sick in the bathroom with diarrhea or something else. It sucks big time.

Humph hence I typing stuff onto the computer out of needing to type anyway. It sure does stink like rink when I’m stuck typing something like my thoughts down instead of muse talk or stories. It sucks big time when I’m stuck with my thoughts. Ugh.

Also sucks big time is when I think of some nice story ideas but can’t type them down. Something involving the mood for typing them down isn’t there at all and is kind of making me depressed as a result. It sucks big time when I get depressed because I can’t seem to type any new story ideas down.

All I’m doing involving my stories is recycling stories over and over again to have this character and that character’s point of view. It sucked big time when that has to happen involving the damned recycling of stories. It sucks anyway. I preferred to type something brand new story wise instead of something recycled over and over again. Ugh.

Ugh I think around 8:30 p.m. on Monday night my paranoia went off as a result. It sucked big time when I tried to ignore the aggravations by watching TV. I also wound up reading an e-book of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” followed by paperback of “Kushiel’s Justice.”

The paranoia made its presence known around the 10 p.m. time frame. The attack forced me to wash my water bottle including feeding Sam followed by crashing into bed. It sucked big time.

I figured the attack of schizophrenia hitting me involved me feeling tired as a result. Ugh. So I crashed into bed hoping I could sleep the best I could. I managed to sleep off the attack. Goody for me.

Mom text as I was chatting with Maureen via Facebook. Ugh wound up chatting with Maureen via cell phone and mom via TTY phone. Ugh again. Anyway Maureen ended chat by needing to do hand therapy while Mom ended phone call to whine of food cooking including bathroom. It sucked big time that I had to end chats with Maureen and Mom.

Also I turned on the heat as a result of freezing cold in here. Ugh. Hate it when I’m cold but nothing I can do involving that except just turn on the heat and hope I’ll warm up. Ugh also hope I can warm up a bit with the heat on for awhile followed by seeing what I can do to keep myself warm till its time to do chores around here.

Ooh I’m kind of tired at the moment. Just am. Also I’m kind of aggravated by the cold. Yuck. I prefer to be warm to being cold in here. It sucks big time when it’s cold in here.

I turned the heat on for a few hours this morning. I remember Monday morning I wound up snoozing in the lounge chair while wearing an eye wear mask. Sam helped herself to my lap to sit and snooze on. Aw cute of her. What a kitten.

Anyway I slept for an hour then around the eleven o’clock hour I wound up leaving for McGrane’s to eat lunch with Maureen and Eddie. I arrived thirty minutes early to the Monday's luncheon with Maureen.

Ugh walked to the school and found two books in their free bookshelf I liked but I doubt I would read anyway. After that I walked back to McGrane’s and met Eddie on the way. Eddie and I went into the hardware store to look for light bulbs for me to buy. Eddie helped nice of him.

After the hardware store I went to McGrane’s to meet Maureen. I arrived there first. Maureen came after that followed by Eddie. I had managed to get my drink of chocolate milk already ordered before Maureen’s arrival. Maureen and I ordered our drinks and foods then Eddie arrived and got his food last. Ugh.

After the eating was to home Eddie drove me home. He helped me put up the new light bulbs into the bathroom. Also Eddie reminded me of him coming Tuesday to clean the bathroom at 10:30 a.m. then he left. I wound up text emailing Dad to take me to the doctor’s office for an appointment. The appointment went fine.

Also I wound up attacked by the voice when I left for the appointment. I was busy sick in the bathroom processing number two before I left. It sucked big time when the voice has to get involved with me needing to process number two. Ugh.

Triggered my paranoia to go off as a result but I ignored that and wound up having my doctor’s appointment with an interpreter there too. After the doctor’s office I wound up home as a result sick in the bathroom with number two. It sucked big time.

Anyway I wound up reading this paperback book “Kushiel’s Justice” by Jacqueline Carey. I even finished the remaining pages of that book till around three o’clock when it was too late to walk to the deaf club. It sucked big time when I had to text email Maureen my regrets to showing up. Ugh used the book reading as an excuse of losing track of time. Also I wound up further sick in the bathroom with number two so I doubt I would be walking around very much tonight. Ugh.

I rated “Kushiel’s Justice” with five stars online Shelfari where I’m a member. I finished one of the two books I’m currently in progress of reading. I’ve got the second book “The Black Knight” by Connie Mason an e-book to read and finish then I’ll be done with my current books I’m reading. Ugh. It sucks big time when I’m not even sure of what book to read next. Ugh again.

I’ve got three books onto my TV’s table I’m hoping on reading. One is “The Princess Bride” the second is “Assassin’s Quest” and the third is “Grey.” I’m not entirely sure if I would read any of those three books or not. I might when the mood strikes me or when I feel up to it. It sucked big time when I finished a book and don’t know what to read next.

Also HGTV was airing “Love it or List it” marathon on TV all Monday afternoon. It sucked big time when I hate that TV series. I don’t care to watch that TV series on HGTV. I hate the three o’clock hour because there hardly is anything I can watch TV with. It sucks big time when I’m stuck with HGTV as a result. Yuck.

Remembered CBS was airing some program at three o’clock I figured I’ll watch that or ignore to type onto the computer till four o’clock Ellen’s show on NBC. I figured that three o’clock I’ll use the time to type onto the computer for awhile. Mostly I typing my thoughts down for November’s writing month. I sort of gave up typing muse talk for November’s writing month. Instead I’ve been focused onto typing my thoughts. Its terrible.

“The Princess Bride” is a stand by alone novel. Not entirely sure if there’s a sequel in the works or not. I think the author tried to write a sequel to that book but people trashed that efforts and refused to accept the sequel as a result. It sucks.

“Assassin’s Quest” is book three in the Farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb. I already read books one and two in the trilogy so far. I’m aiming to read book three when I get the chance to do it. I’m just not entirely sure of when I’ll get around to reading “Assassin’s Quest.” Problem is “Assassin’s Quest” as assumed like the other books in the trilogy are in first person told in a male’s point of view. Ugh. I just finished a book told in a male’s point of view in first person “Kushiel’s Justice.”

I’m just not entirely sure if I would want to read something further of a first person told in a male’s point of view book. It's terrible when I’m trying to vary my reading books including first person’s points of views too. Ugh.

I text emailed mom to text email me last night while watching local news “Its beth. Its 5:20 p.m. home for evening awaiting your text for phone tonight.”
I have to when its six o’clock ring her up and leave a message onto her answering machine “Hi Mom its Beth. Its 6 p.m. when am I hearing from you tonight phone wise?” I can’t wait to do that phoning tonight. Ugh.

I’ve been aggravated by the voice since I’ve gotten home from being out eating lunch at McGrane’s. The paranoia wound up aggravated but stopped to my relief. Yay also I wound up with the voice speaking again around the five o’clock hour. Mostly I think it’s because I kept on wounding up sick in the bathroom with number two.

“Are you forgetting something?” I’m hearing over and over from the voice.
The voice attacked me around the nine o’clock hour. I wound up reading an e-book via e-reader then a bit of “Kushiel’s Justice.” Mostly I read a bit of that book till my paranoia got too much for me which I was forced to quit for bed. It sucked big time when I’m sick as heck.

Also I’m trying to avoid hearing more from the voice by concentrating onto the computer typing my thoughts including waiting for Mom’s text email for phoning. Ugh. I always get the tinnitus involved when six o’clock rolls around phone time for mom. I’m stuck with that noise in my head.

I did take a nap so that should cover for me to stay up late as ten o’clock watching NBC’s show “Blindspot.” I kind of like that show. It’s really good for me to view anyway. I don’t mind. I do mind the late hour of watching that.

Also I’ve been trying to watch “Supergirl” on at eight o’clock on CBS but phoning with mom has run late in the evenings. I sometimes miss a few minutes of that TV show as a result. It's god awful big time when that had to happen. Ugh. Nothing I can do involving that except just go online and catch up with the summaries of the show’s episode.

Both “Supergirl” and “Blindspot” runs on Mondays with NBC’s “The Voice.” I don’t normally watch “The Voice.” I tend to watch that because of HGTV running “Love it or List it” episodes. It bothers me when I’m addicted to “Blindspot” and really need to watch that. I don’t like missing that TV series.

Last night's rant while waiting forever for Mom's text email in hopes of watching Monday's episode of "Supergirl." Mom is so rude! She is refusing to text email me ASAP like I expect her to do. Also she’s refusing to pick up the phone when I ring her up at 6 p.m. followed by 7 p.m. ring ups. She even refused to hook up her answering machine either. Really rude mom! Not impressive when Mom is so rude! I expect her to text email me quickly tonight. Mostly before my 8 p.m. TV show or have her damned answering machine being hooked up. Really rude! Oh forget it miss phone ignorance finally text emailed me Yay!

I was on the phone talking about my eating habits including stuff to mom involving today’s doctor’s appointment. Mostly I included what I was doing for six weeks jotting down notes on what I was eating and number two too. Ugh.

Mom ended phone call ten minutes to eight o’clock to my relief whining of wanting to call my dad. Ugh. I have no idea what she wants to talk to him about. Ugh again.

Also I wound up turning onto the TV to CBS in hopes of watching “Supergirl” Monday night at 8 p.m. followed by watching whatever shits is on NBC till ten o’clock show of “Blindspot.” It’ll be entertaining I guess finally watching what I wanted to watch tonight.


Plus the voice has been attacking me this afternoon even while I was out with Dad for doctor’s appointment. It sucks big time when the voice is even attacking me tonight. Ugh could do without that noisy noise. It sucks big time. Ugh.

Also I’m trying to watch “Supergirl” including “Blindspot” but it sucks when the voice has been noisy. Ugh. I do hope that “Supergirl” runs for six episodes followed by a break of running something else. I don’t think I could withstand more of that TV series anyway. It’s been driving me crazy trying to get myself to watch that TV series without missing any episodes.

Ugh. Plus I’m trying to avoid aggravating my schizophrenia with the voice’s starting up chanting crap. It sucks.

Ugh wound up with an attack of schizophrenia after I was done watching “Supergirl.” I had to go take a lukewarm shower followed by reading muse talk as a result. It sucked big time when I wound up missing “The Voice” as a result. Ugh again.

Anyway after reading muse talk I managed to calm down enough to view “Blindspot” on NBC. The TV series has gone from girl with tattoo’s mystery to something else. It's terrible big time when I’m not even sure of what’s the point of the TV show. Ugh.

Also Eddie came and cleaned the bathroom. I lied when I claimed yes for vacuuming the apartment. I wasn’t willing to vacuum actually. Anyway I wound up just watching TV and doing some Barbie gymnastics with an Asian doll. It sucked big time when I wound up with that anyway.

Plus I wound up sick in the bathroom with heavy number two. It kind of aggravated my paranoia and voice a bit. I’m not hearing much voice wise but my paranoia is aggravated at the moment hence I onto the computer typing my thoughts down out of needing something to do to concentrate onto.

I’m trying to figure out what book I should be reading next that isn’t a medieval in first person. I’ve got two books on hand that is medieval themed. One is in first person but more science fiction than romance. The other is medieval with both first person and third person talk from what I think that book will have. It sucks big time when I’m trying to vary my reading themes. Ugh.

Also I’m not entirely sure of what book I should be reading that isn’t medieval themed. I figured perhaps a mystery in a romance themed tone will do. Not entirely sure if I should stick with romance or just read something else that isn’t themed that. Its a big debate when I’m not even sure of what to read next. Ugh again.

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Ugh Part two

Nov. 7th, 2015 | 01:08 pm
mood: depresseddepressed

I wound up with a private problem yesterday so off to the doctor I went. I wound up with an ultrasound as a result. It sucked big time. Anyway I have to wait till Monday for results of the tests. It's terrible having to wait forever for those damned test results. Ugh again.

Also while I was out with Dad I wound up hit with an attack of schizophrenia. It sucked big time. I forced myself to read a book "Kushiel's Justice" just to drown out the inner noises. Ugh. I read a great deal of that book about one hundred pages or less. I only have less than sixty pages and I'll be done. Can't wait. That book will be my seventy fourth book finished this year. Yay me.

I wound up home at night when its dark. I had to go take a shower last night because of how dirty the ultrasound left me. Ugh. The voice proceeded to attack me in the shower asking its familiar question "Are you forgetting something?" Over and over. Ugh.

After the shower I had to go to the computer and edit this story "Tales of Jinks Montreal." Mostly my third or whatever numbered time I edited that story. It sucks big time when I can't stop editing that story over and over. Ugh.

After that I wound up online fooling around while waiting forever for anyone to text email me or reply to my text emails. I was in a talkative mood but no one was available for me to talk to last night. Also I tried to talk to my mom via phone last night for as long as I could but she wasn't willing to talk very much. Ugh again.

Also I'm just quite a bit on the depressed side today. No ones available for me to talk to hence I only whining this depressed mood online this blog. It sucks big time when I'm stuck with this fact of no one available to talk to me. Really annoying.

Also been sick in the bathroom with something I've eaten disagreed with me. It sucked big time when I'm just depressed as a result. I can't go outside for a walk as a result of this sickness hitting me. It sucks big time. Hence I eating lots of chocolate today. Ugh. I was depressed and trying to avoid suffering from depression hence the chocolate eating.

It sucks to be depressed with no one available to talk to. Ugh.

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